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Graham Hancock - The Return of Graham Hancock


Author & Journalist

Graham Hancock, born on August 2, 1950, is a British author, journalist, and researcher renowned for his exploration of ancient mysteries and alternative historical perspectives. Over the years, Hancock has become a leading figure in the field of alternative archaeology, challenging conventional views on human history and delving into enigmatic aspects of ancient civilizations.

In this, his latest London Real appearance, Graham returns to discuss his new fiction book “War God”, why the sovereignty over one’s body is the ultimate human right, his recent TED talks controversy, and what he believes will be his ultimate legacy.

Graham Hancock’s work is synonymous with the exploration of ancient mysteries, often focusing on civilizations that predate recorded history. His groundbreaking book, “Fingerprints of the Gods,” published in 1995, investigates the possibility of a lost, technologically advanced civilization that predates known ancient cultures. Hancock suggests that advanced knowledge and technologies may have been lost or deliberately concealed over millennia, challenging mainstream historical narratives.

A significant portion of Graham Hancock’s research is dedicated to the mysteries surrounding the Giza Plateau in Egypt. In collaboration with author Robert Bauval, he proposed the Orion Correlation Theory, suggesting a correlation between the layout of the Giza pyramids and the alignment of the three stars in Orion’s Belt. This theory challenges traditional views on the purpose and construction timeline of the pyramids, opening up debates within the field of Egyptology.

Beyond his work in alternative archaeology, Graham Hancock has explored the realms of consciousness and spirituality. His experiences with the psychoactive plant medicine Ayahuasca, documented in his book “Supernatural,” delve into the realms of altered states of consciousness and the potential connection between ancient wisdom and the mysterious realm of the supernatural. Hancock’s exploration of consciousness aligns with his broader quest to unravel the mysteries of human existence.

Graham Hancock has played a crucial role in bringing alternative perspectives on history to a broader audience. Through his engaging writing style and compelling presentations, he has ignited public interest in ancient mysteries and encouraged a more critical examination of historical dogmas. Hancock’s ability to bridge the gap between scholarly research and popular understanding has sparked a renewed curiosity about the origins of human civilization.

Graham Hancock is not only an author and researcher but also a vocal advocate for intellectual freedom. He has spoken out against the suppression of unconventional ideas within academic circles and encourages a more inclusive and open-minded approach to exploring the mysteries of our past. Hancock’s advocacy for intellectual freedom aligns with his belief that questioning established narratives is essential for advancing our understanding of human history.

Graham Hancock continues to explore ancient mysteries and challenge historical paradigms. His more recent works, such as “Magicians of the Gods,” further investigate the possibility of a lost civilization and its potential impact on the course of human history. Hancock remains an influential figure in the alternative history community, and his ongoing contributions continue to shape discussions about the origins of human civilization.

Graham Hancock’s impact on alternative archaeology and historical exploration cannot be overstated. By daring to challenge established narratives, he has sparked debates, inspired curiosity, and paved the way for a more open-minded examination of our ancient past. While controversies surround his theories, Hancock’s commitment to intellectual freedom and his contributions to public discourse make him a pivotal figure in the ongoing quest to unravel the mysteries of human history.


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