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Watch > Episode > Benjamin Charbit - The First Metaverse Token For The Bitcoin Ecosystem - Life Beyond

Benjamin Charbit - The First Metaverse Token For The Bitcoin Ecosystem - Life Beyond


Co-Founder & CEO of the Life Beyond Metaverse

As Web3 continues to take shape and the promise of decentralisation and true ownership inspires a legion of developers to build a more inclusive and connected digital society, questions remain about potential scalability, interoperability, and immutability in this brave new world of open source development.

Of course, as the old saying goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day – and yet a closer look at the innovation taking place in Web3 and blockchain technology would actually suggest they’re not far off.

Only a few years ago, very few people had even heard of an NFT. What we’re seeing take place right now is a complete shift in the digital landscape as more and more people concern themselves with their private data and tire of the unnecessary middlemen that plague every facet of society.

At London Real we invest in cutting-edge, digital asset ecosystem protocols through our investment arm, London Real Ventures and in doing so we search out the hottest, game-changing protocols.

From AI to Web3 Gaming and everything in between, this brings me into direct contact with some of the pioneers, visionaries and very talented individuals that I’ve no doubt will become household names in the years that follow.

Today’s guest is one such figure. Benjamin Charbit is a former investment banker turned game developer and Web3 expert. A true industry visionary and the co-founder and CEO of Life Beyond Studios, Ben is currently overseeing the development of a groundbreaking virtual world that merges gameplay, community-growth and monetisation in what is set to be a breakout moment for Web3 gaming.

Ben’s journey from the world of finance to the forefront of online gaming is one marked by passion and a lesson to all who have parked their dreams in favour of stability. Having studied Economics and Finance at The University of Chicago and Paris Dauphine, Ben forged a successful early career before abandoning investment to follow his dreams.

He took a pivotal position at Ubisoft, and as Game Director, contributed to the success of iconic titles such as Assassin’s Creed and was in charge of the strategic planning of the online games division at Ubisoft HQ. His expertise in the gaming world blossomed, setting the stage for his future endeavours.

Ben was introduced to the work of literary giant Neil Stephenson in 2014, and in doing so solidified his determination to create a new kind of MMO (massively multiplayer online game), one where players could transport themselves, assume a new identity if they choose, and live a life for real, all while having fun.

Ben wanted to build games that make a positive impact on the world – emphasising low violence, inclusivity, and meaningful social interactions. As a father of two young children, Ben is driven by a desire to create games that contribute positively to society, aligning with the values of inclusivity and community-building.

Which brings us to Life Beyond, Ben’s revolutionary gaming metaverse where players embark on a journey to build a new civilisation on planet Dolos. Powered by NFTs and a player-driven tokenised economy, this sci-fi world offers users the freedom to define their roles in a complex and multifaceted society. Embracing the open metaverse philosophy, Life Beyond prioritises true ownership and interoperability, while creating immersive digital societies.

It’s a huge operation and an incredible vision, that is surely going to revolutionise the world of gaming and how we see the metaverse.

“We’re focused on connecting all of these different player stories in a big economic and social loop, and that will be how Life Beyond thrives.”

I’m so excited to introduce you to Ben and the world of Life Beyond. Ben stands out as a leading figure in the space, committed to shaping the future of online gaming and building a more inclusive and connected digital society. It’s going to be fascinating to get his take on what the coming months and years have in store for all of us.

“The fact that even though we are developing a metaverse, we believe that there is one metaverse – the open metaverse – that is connecting all of these destinations. We’re just building one of them which also means that as we’re developing it, we’re making sure that it’s very open and flexible, so as to host other properties.”

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