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Tai Lopez - Live the Good Life


Tai Lopez is an investor, entrepreneur, author and aspiring renaissance man. When he’s not throwing A-list celebrity parties in his Hollywood Hills home, he’s chin-wagging with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates at the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting. Tai reads a book a day and sends his reviews to 1.2 million of his close, close friends. He’s lived with the Amish for two years, while launching 12 multi-million dollar companies.

And that’s just the warmup. Tai has a 67 step plan you can follow to “Lead the Good Life” which values health, wealth, love and happiness. He subscribes to Warren Buffet’s number two Charlie Munger’s “Concept of Inversion” which instructs you to directly avoid those things that will hurt your chances of success. He also believes that humans are subject to 25 cognitive biases and that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s concept of “doing reps” applies directly to life. He makes a big distinction between Stoics and Epicureans and believes the “four hour work week” is for people who are doing something they hate.

I was impressed by Tai because he’s not a self-help guru, but instead a man who believes that the really best knowledge has stood the test of time.

Growing up in Long Beach, California, Tai experienced both challenges and opportunities. His early life was marked by financial struggles, but he was determined to break the cycle of poverty. Lopez’s thirst for knowledge led him to explore various avenues of education, and he credits his mentor, Joel Salatin, for instilling in him the importance of continuous learning and personal development.

Tai Lopez’s foray into the business world began with his work in financial planning, where he developed valuable insights into wealth creation and investment strategies. Subsequently, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, creating and selling businesses in various industries, including dating websites and health and fitness.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable aspects of Tai Lopez’s career is his involvement in the e-commerce space, specifically with the launch of MentorBox. This subscription service delivers curated books and educational content to subscribers, embodying Lopez’s commitment to lifelong learning.

Lopez gained widespread attention in 2015 with his viral video titled “Here in My Garage.” In the video, he showcases his lavish lifestyle, standing in front of a collection of luxury cars while emphasising the importance of knowledge and education. The video became a cultural phenomenon and sparked debates about authenticity and the nature of success in the digital age.

While the video’s flamboyant presentation drew both admiration and criticism, it has undeniably catapulted Tai Lopez into the public eye and significantly expanded his social media following. Lopez leveraged this newfound visibility to share insights on entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and personal development with a global audience.

Tai Lopez has also developed various educational programmes, online courses, and mentorship initiatives aimed at helping individuals unlock their potential. Through platforms like Tai Lopez Academy, he provides resources on topics ranging from social media marketing and e-commerce to health and well-being. His emphasis on learning from successful individuals, known as the “67 Steps,” encourages followers to adopt habits and mindsets conducive to success.

Tai Lopez’s legacy lies in his ability to leverage social media to disseminate knowledge and motivate millions of people around the world. Whether through his videos, podcasts, or educational programs, Lopez has left an indelible mark on the personal development and entrepreneurship space. His journey, from struggling financially to becoming a successful entrepreneur and influencer, serves as an inspiration for those seeking to overcome challenges and pursue their goals.

Tai Lopez’s story is one of resilience, self-discovery, and entrepreneurial success. As a self-made entrepreneur and influential figure in the digital landscape, Lopez’s impact extends far beyond his viral video fame. While he may have faced criticism along the way, his commitment to lifelong learning and his dedication to sharing insights with others showcase a genuine desire to empower individuals on their own journeys of personal and professional growth.


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