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Tai Lopez - How To Become Great


Tai Lopez is no stranger to the London Real hot seat. He believes that most of the success issues that people have, as well as most social issues the world has, could find some solution in getting away from chewing gum entertainment and upping the consumption of history’s genius.

To recap on who exactly Tai Lopez is – for those who may have missed him first time round – he’s an investor, entrepreneur, author and renaissance man. As a self-made millionaire by his 20s, he has started and overseen the foundation of 20 multi-million dollar companies. He’s formed a business mentorship program and is perhaps best known for his ’67 Steps To The Good Life’ – a distilled and compact course that explores the finest lessons on success, drawn from 8000 years of human thought.

Tai Lopez also runs the world’s second biggest book club, only to Oprah’s, from his home in the Hollywood Hills. On his search for the Good Life, he’s come to seek knowledge from ancient and modern minds – reading one book a day! At last count his personal library contained over 5000 books. It’s fair to say he likes to read, and the results speak for themselves. Most of us struggle to read just one book every few months, by the end of today’s episode this may change. Enjoy!


00:00 Trailer.
00.55 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:18 Brian’s Introduction.
06:38 Tai’s view of the focus on wealth.
11:38 Openness to logical evaluation of ideas.
20:06 Driving around in a Lamborghini whilst espousing non-conspicuous consumption.
21:19 What Tai learned whilst living with the Amish.
26:20 Tai wants to be remembered as the guy who got people thinking about ideas from experts.
27:09 What is Tai Lopez about, what does he do?
28:06 Abundance v scarcity concept.
48:23 Living your life with scarcity and abundance.
1:01:02 Maybe wealth accumulation is reciprocal altruism.
1:02:50 Mark Zuckerberg, IPs and PIs.
1:07:30 You must conquer your fear, think abundantly. PASE personality traits.
1:15:20 2011 wasn’t a good year for Tai. Why and how did he turn that around?
1:21:46 The seven steps of the scientific hypothesis. Brian takes the good life test.
1:29:39 Dollars and Sex.
1:33:40 Top five cognitive biases.
1:57:42 Valuation of yourself test Tai expounds on the love and fulfilment (happiness) components.
2:10:49 Double down and then anything that doesn’t work, just stop.
2:14:14 Tai will be 10x down on business, spreading ideas, both his and those of other people
2:14:48 Argue out of certain.
2:20:41 What is Tai going to do to improve on his health, wealth, love and happiness?
2:31:41 Doubling down on books.
2:40:44 Tai gives final goals to aim for.
2:56:46 Brian’s summing up.


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