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Watch > Episode > Suranga Chandratillake - Balderton Capital General Partner, Entrepreneur And Tech Visionary

Suranga Chandratillake - Balderton Capital General Partner, Entrepreneur And Tech Visionary


Suranga Chandratillake is a name synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship who has left an indelible mark on the technology landscape. Born in Sri Lanka, Suranga is a computer scientist, investor, and visionary known for his pivotal role in founding and leading successful tech ventures. His journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, determination, and a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve.

In this Silicon Real episode, Suranga talks to host Brian Rose about his background, why he chose to work in technology and his vision for a more connected, transformative future.

Suranga Chandratillake’s early life was marked by a keen interest in technology and a natural curiosity about how things worked. His academic journey took him to the University of Cambridge, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. It was during this time that his passion for technology and entrepreneurship began to take shape, setting the stage for an illustrious career.

In 2004, Suranga Chandratillake founded blinkx, a pioneering video search engine that utilised speech recognition and visual analysis to index and search for content within videos. blinkx quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to video search technology, making it possible for users to find specific content within videos, revolutionising the way people interacted with multimedia content online.

Under Chandratillake’s leadership, blinkx evolved into a leading video search engine, harnessing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide users with accurate and relevant search results. The platform’s success positioned Chandratillake as a thought leader in the tech industry, and blinkx became a key player in the digital media landscape.

Suranga Chandratillake’s entrepreneurial vision extends beyond blinkx. He has played a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing several technology startups, contributing his expertise as both an investor and advisor. His ability to identify emerging trends and guide startups through various stages of growth has earned him a reputation as a sought-after mentor within the tech community.

Chandratillake’s association with Balderton Capital, one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, reflects his commitment to supporting and cultivating innovation. Chandratillake’s involvement in the growth of technology companies like Shazam and MySQL further underscores his ability to identify and nurture game-changing ideas.

Suranga Chandratillake’s legacy in the technology industry is defined by his role as a visionary leader and influential entrepreneur. His journey from the creation of blinkx to his continued impact on startups and venture capital reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and fostering innovation. Chandratillake’s ability to foresee trends, coupled with his hands-on approach to leadership, has inspired a new generation of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Suranga Chandratillake’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology when coupled with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. From the groundbreaking success of blinkx to his role in shaping the future of startups through investments and mentorship through his work at Balderton Capital, Chandratillake continues to leave an enduring impact on the tech industry. As a visionary leader and advocate for technological progress, Suranga Chandratillake stands as a guiding force in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.


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