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Steven Pinker - Too Much Morality


Steven Pinker is a luminary figure in the realms of cognitive science, linguistics, and the exploration of human nature. Renowned for his ability to distil complex scientific concepts into accessible narratives, Pinker has not only reshaped our understanding of the human mind but has also become a beacon of reason, science, and enlightenment in public discourse.

In this, his latest London Real interview, Professor Pinker explains the fundamental cultural differences between MIT and Harvard, his anarchist past and how he feels about Noam Chomsky, why Linguistics are essential in understanding humanity, and how he believes the world has too much morality.

Born on September 18, 1954, Steven Pinker’s academic journey began at Dawson College in Montreal, where he completed his bachelor’s degree. Subsequently, he pursued graduate studies at Harvard University, earning a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Early in his career, Pinker delved into the intricacies of language acquisition, contributing groundbreaking research that challenged prevailing notions about the innate structures underlying human language.

In 1994, Pinker published “The Language Instinct,” a seminal work that explored the biological underpinnings of language acquisition. In this influential book, he posited that language is an intrinsic human ability shaped by evolutionary forces. Pinker’s research not only provided valuable insights into the cognitive processes involved in language but also ignited a paradigm shift in linguistic inquiry, challenging the prevailing views of the time.

Building on the success of “The Language Instinct,” Pinker continued to push the boundaries of cognitive science with his 1997 publication, “How the Mind Works.” In this comprehensive exploration, Pinker delved into the intricate mechanisms of the human mind, integrating perspectives from psychology, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience. His interdisciplinary approach illuminated the interconnected nature of cognitive processes, marking him as a pioneer in the field.

In 2002, Pinker released “The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature,” a thought-provoking critique of the “tabula rasa” or blank slate view of human nature. In this work, he argued against the prevailing belief that humans are born as blank slates, emphasising instead the role of evolution and genetics in shaping human behaviour. Pinker’s eloquent dismantling of the blank slate concept sparked intense debates and further established him as a leading intellectual figure.

In 2018, Steven Pinker expanded his scope beyond cognitive science with “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.” In this magnum opus, Pinker made a compelling case for the enduring impact of Enlightenment values in driving human progress. Drawing on an array of data, he presented a meticulously researched argument that highlighted improvements in various facets of human life, from health to education to safety.

Pinker’s influence extends beyond academia, making him a celebrated public intellectual. His ability to convey complex scientific concepts to a wider audience through TED Talks, interviews, and public appearances has earned him recognition as a gifted communicator. Pinker’s commitment to making scientific insights accessible has contributed significantly to public understanding of the mind, language, and the forces shaping human nature.

Steven Pinker’s legacy lies in his enduring contributions to cognitive science, linguistics, and the popularisation of scientific ideas. As a torchbearer of reason and enlightenment values, he continues to shape public discourse on critical issues facing society. Pinker’s work stands as an invitation to engage with the complexities of human nature, encouraging us to embrace a more nuanced understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.


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