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Stephen Russell - The Barefoot Doctor


Stephen Russell, AKA the Barefoot Doctor, joins us to discuss the beautiful art of Taoism, his lifelong passion for martial arts, 8 easy steps for anyone to master meditation, his love of producing electronic dance and healing music, how he maintains his legendary tan, and how he plans to celebrate a 30 year vision of thousands of people celebrating human evolution called the Big Om at Wembley on December 12, 2012.


“Barefoot doctor is an old Chinese metaphor for a humble healer.” – Barefoot (01:45)
“Behind all great men is a bankruptcy.” – Brian (02:50)
“I know that everything operates from an animal and instinctual level.” – Barefoot (09:42)
“Do you believe in Karma?” – Nic (11:12)
“Taoism is the ancient original life system or philosophy from ancient China.” – Barefoot (12:54)
“When you know that everything cycles you stop investing so much in the good times.” -Barefoot (15:18)
“You’d expect some hippie from California to do someting like this.” – Nic (21:54)
“England does actually spawn quite a few real characters.” -Barefoot (22:04)
“This is all in your head, there is no proof for any of this.” – Nic (26:12)
“The feelings come up in your belly and in your chest, that’s where we feel the fear and anguish and excitement.” – Barefoot (28:55)
“Do you think there’s a lot of negativity going on for that month?” – Brian (38:23)
“It’s really is a celebration of human evolution this.” – Barefoot (39:21)
“It was an interesting time because it was the tail end of Ibiza as people really knew it.” – Barefoot (43:36)
“It was really different. I felt a lot of love in that place, I don’t know if you could replicate it.” – Brian (45:24)
“For the people that live there it’s an island of black sheep.” – Barefoot (45:51)
“There’s a time to let go and flow with the Tao and there’s also a time to hustle.” – Nic (48:58)
“We are all spiritual brother and sisters on this planet and it’s not a finite resource.” – Barefoot (54:01


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