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Stephen Brocklehurst - Money, Movies and Mind Power


Singer/Actor/Producer/Director, MENSA member and former City broker Stephen Brocklehurst joins us to talk about his upcoming movie The Enfield Poltergeist, what City bankers are really like, playing the part of a manic depressive Slovakian suicide patient, how traditional religion lacks dynamics, and why he’s always up for a good fight.


“What’s the one thing that you like most about yourself?” – Nic (03:50)
“My flat-out failure was the first feature film I ever did…” – Stephen (05:25)
“You learn a lot more from your losses than from your victories. ” – Nic (07:20)
I want one year, just one year, to go exactly the way I want it to.” – Stephen (08:00)
“I was crying when I watched some of these videos.” – Stephen (11:40)
“Steph you know you walked away from the city when you didn’t have to…” – Brian (47:50)
“You pretty much have to give creative control over to the director…” – Brian (10:30)


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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