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Shidan Gouran - DeFi Gold: Revolutionising Finance On The Bitcoin Blockchain


CEO of Gulf Pearl

Joining us on today’s livestream is Shidan Gouran, the renowned blockchain expert, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has positioned himself at the forefront of environmental, energy, and decentralised technologies.

Shidan is the co-founder and Chairman of Bluesphere Ventures, a pioneering incubator dedicated to driving positive environmental change through innovative projects and sustainable solutions.

Most notably, Bluesphere Ventures focuses on Defi.Gold, a decentralised exchange that is setting new standards in the world of Bitcoin-based tokens and NFTs, and notably is one of our portfolio companies here at London Real Ventures.

As a serial entrepreneur, Shidan has founded several successful companies. His earliest achievements include Nuovotel, one of the first VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) providers in Canada. He also founded Jazinga, a company that developed the first small office business phone system resold by Skype under their own brand.

Additionally, Shidan spearheaded Home Jinni, developers of the groundbreaking Android-based Smart TV solution. However, his interest in digital assets began with gaming and the eSports space where he co-founded Gamesquare, which under his guidance quickly became the largest Nasdaq-listed company in the eSports industry. This set him on a path to explore the potential of decentralised finance and digital currencies.

Shidan understands the complex challenge we face in opening peoples eyes to technological innovation amidst the backdrop of ingrained social constructs. For Shidan, money can evolve beyond traditional financial systems, and create a more open and equitable world, bringing freedom to the masses just as we’ve seen in other industries.

With that mindset Shidan’s focus has shifted over the past decade, from building technologies to venture capital, advisory services and investing in the future. He was one of the earliest movers in the blockchain sector, financing one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations and providing guidance to notable ventures such as Techstars, Steemit, and Polymath.

Currently, as Chairman of Bluesphere Ventures, Shidan champions projects in the environmental and decentralised space. With Defi.Gold leading the charge, Shidan’s mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of decentralised finance is coming to fruition.

Defi.Gold, a decentralised exchange (DEX) and NFT marketplace built on Bitcoin’s L1 and Lightning Network is revolutionising the Bitcoin blockchain by offering a non-custodial trading environment that enhances scalability, efficiency, and advanced features.

Defi.Gold supports Taproot, RGB, and Rune-based tokens, enabling the trading of various assets including memecoins, utility tokens, DAO tokens, and stablecoins. The NFT marketplace on Defi.Gold enhances liquidity for creators and collectors, providing a seamless and robust platform for Bitcoin-native assets.

Shidan’s passion for decentralised finance extends to his advocacy for Bitcoin as the prime network for Web3 and dApps. He urges every Web3 venture he invests in, serves on the board of, or advises to reconsider Bitcoin due to its recent advancements.

Shidan firmly believes that any dApp possible on an EVM chain can now be developed on Bitcoin itself, marking a significant shift in the blockchain landscape.

Shidan’s hope is that Bitcoin’s security and decentralisation make it the ideal foundation for decentralised finance (DeFi), supporting the creation of a more open, equitable, and user-centric internet.

Amidst the economic and societal challenges we face today, Shidan emphasises the necessity for innovative solutions. He argues that now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to create a parallel economy where DeFi can offer a resilient alternative to our traditional financial system.

Shidan underscores the importance of censorship-resistant tools to protect freedom of speech and financial sovereignty in today’s climate. To that end, Shidan believes Defi.Gold and Bitcoin have the potential to revolutionise financial freedom, paving the way for a more open and equitable financial system.

I’m looking forward to what is certainly going to be an enlightening conversation as we take a deep dive and explore the future of decentralised finance and its potential impact on our world.

“Bitcoin’s unmatched security and decentralisation make it the perfect backbone for a trustworthy and resilient financial ecosystem. This isn’t just tech, it’s about creating a fairer, more inclusive financial system for everyone.”

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  2. The Holy Grail of crypto
  3. DeFi gold it’s an open community
  4. Speculation is good
  5. Our DEX is coming soon
  6. Pioneers in blockchain development
  7. DeFi.Gold roadmap
  8. I’m confident that we’re building the future of DEFI
  9. The world is shifting towards crypto
  10. USA is not leading the crypto development
  11. Bitcoin can make the world a better place
  12. The problems of creating money out of thin air
  13. Web3 gaming is one of my favourite topic
  14. Meme coins are part of our culture
  15. The crypto stigma
  16. I’m worried about the social manipulation done with AI
  17. I’m passionate about what I’m doing
  18. What I would tell to the 18-year-old me today
  19. How can people get in touch with us


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