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Watch > Episode > Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet: How To Get Mentally & Physically Stronger By Only Eating Meat

Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet: How To Get Mentally & Physically Stronger By Only Eating Meat


Founder & CEO of MeatRX

Dr Shawn Baker, is an American orthopedic surgeon, elite athlete, and former nuclear weapons launch officer.

He is the face of the carnivore diet, a movement that includes names like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

Shawn is the founder and CEO of MeatRx, an organisation that educates and promotes the benefits of an all meat diet.

He recently published ‘The Carnivore Diet’, a book that was praised by meat lovers and ridiculed by vegans

Today he inspires hundreds of thousands of people to eat “meat-based” through his YouTube channel and key-note speeches.

A lot of nutritional fads have come and go. Dr. Shawn Baker strives to take things back to basics with his “carnivore diet”.

As the name might suggest, this is a diet primarily based on ingesting meat products. Dr Baker began his career as an orthopedic surgeon before founding MeatRx, which is a company based around the promotion of an all-meat diet.

So what exactly is the carnivore diet and how does it work? Read on to learn more about Dr Shawn Baker and his life’s work.

Dr. Shawn Baker’s Carnivore Diet

First things first, keep in mind that the carnivore diet revolves around eating animal products exclusively, rather than some other diets that are based on simply adding more to your intake. When you adopt the carnivore diet, you are cutting out anything that isn’t an animal product.

This means no fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds or any other foods. Instead, you stick to chicken, beef, fish, eggs and other animal products. A lot of people that go through this diet take on a 60-day adjustment period in order to get the full benefits and to begin seeing some changes in their health.

Dr. Shawn Baker has garnered a great deal of support online across social media and his YouTube channel. He most notably gained popularity after appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He explains the health benefits of switching to a carnivore diet in his book, “The Carnivore Diet”.

Following the Carnivore Diet and Capitalising on the Mental Benefits

Baker always suggests that people try the diet for 30 to 60 days before formulating an opinion on it. It comes with some ups and downs during the adjustment period, but once people adjust they’re able to experience both mental and physical benefits.

In terms of mental benefits, people have reported that they sleep easier and have less trouble with depression. It’s important to eat organic meat that is sourced from quality farmers and butchers.

Adding Great Exercise and a Routine to the Mix

Part of the reason that people adopt the carnivore diet is to get plenty of gains in the gym. It is becoming a favourite among bodybuilders and people who are able to add some serious muscle.

Dr. Shawn Baker explains that people need to find what works with them in terms of how they adopt this life change, and what kinds of routines they put into place. By mixing a quality workout plan with the carnivore diet you will be able to apply it in a way that helps you perform in your professional life and also have more focus and resourcefulness in your personal life.

In our episode, Dr Baker touches on some other popular diets and says that it’s difficult to substantiate other food fads that people today turn to for weight loss.

Since fatalities from heart disease are on the rise right now, it is important that people do everything they can to form healthy eating habits. This happens when people find what works for them, and the carnivore diet and Dr. Shawn Baker’s research offer an option for anyone looking for something different.

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:10 | Brian ‘s thoughts on the episode.
04:25 | Brian’s introduction.
05:05 | How many death threats per day does Shawn Baker receive?
05:33 | The results of people trying Shawn Baker’s diet.
06:55 | The big picture of nutrition science in general or evidence-based science.
09:35 | What they are seeing when people only eat meat.
10:41 | Evidence to prove that in small amounts red meat is harmful and that eating a lot is beneficial?
11:36 | Meat and plant-based diets are not the problem, but the industrialised chemical slop also eaten.
15:15 | Don’t get dogmatic about your diet, remain open minded. Just keep healthy.
18:43 | The way not to transition into sustainability.
21:32 | Shawn Baker argues that Dr Michael McGregor’s science based argument for reduction in health issues from a plant based diet is difficult to prove.
24:25 | Why we have food biases and the concept of a balanced diet.
29:13 | The studies which show that meat eating helped grow our brain.
30:31 | How Shawn Baker answers Vegans when they point to slaughter houses and say we should not kill animals.
33:36 | How the drive for profit is affecting natural food produce.
37:51 | Is the plant based movement just another of the food fads that have appeared over the years.
40:30 | What persuaded Shawn Baker to take up a carnivore diet.
46:30 | What percentage of the carnivore diet is about eating meat and not eating other compounds.
48:51 | The problem for Doctors in general in helping people get better through diet.
51:01 | How Dr Jordan Peterson and others whose health improved by going onto a carnivore diet.
57:19 | How to start on a carnivore diet and continue for the long term. How sports people use it.
1:05:31 | Is it possible to overeat on a carnivore diet? Addicts can find they no longer crave their addiction.
1:06:58 | Problems people have had from going on a carnivore diet.
1:10:54 | Shawn Baker gives Brian Roses a sixty day carnivore diet challenge.
1:15:42 | His argument to those who say cattle producing methane increases climate change.
1:17:44 | More about starting the sixty day carnivore diet
1:19:20 | The problems with travelling whilst keeping to a carnivore diet.
1:20:31 | It is not practical for everyone on the planet to eat meat.
1:23:40 | The carnivore diet is a good way of getting rid of rubbish out of your diet because the cravings for it go.
1:25:47 | Why Shawn Baker has not done a blood test.
1:29:02 | What he thought of the film The Game Changers.
1:34:01 | How Shawn Baker’s life has changed since he quit medical practice.
1:37:21 | Shawn Baker’s daily practice.
1:41:00 | His time working with nuclear missiles.
1:44:03 | What he hopes his life will look like in ten years time and how his goal matters to him.
1:46:42 | What scares him.
1:48:13 | What we would be surprised to learn about Shawn Baker.
1:50:22 | Shawn Baker’s views on the hunting of animals.
1:52:35 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:54:04 | Success secrets.
1:42:42 | Brian’s summing up.


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