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Watch > Episode > Shaun Attwood - Reformed Drug Kingpin: The Man Who Faced 200 Years In America's Deadliest Prison

Shaun Attwood - Reformed Drug Kingpin: The Man Who Faced 200 Years In America's Deadliest Prison


Former Stock Market Millionaire & Ecstasy Supplier

Shaun Attwood, is the British author, public speaker, and ex-drug kingpin.

Shaun left the UK for America as a broke graduate and within a decade became a stock-market millionaire. Living a double life, he soon became massive in the rave scene of America, distributing millions of dollars of ecstasy in competition with the Mafia mass murderer Sammy “the Bull” Gravano.

In May 2002 Shaun was arrested and faced a 200-year sentence in America’s deadliest prison, where he navigated horrific conditions and gang violence.

In prison, Shaun read over 1000 books on psychology and philosophy to better understand human nature and his addictive personality.

Today he is banned from America for life, and travel the world speaking to audiences about his experience in jail and the consequences of crime.

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A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

1. What Inspired Me To Be So Crazy
2. How I Went From Stockbroker To Drug Dealer
3. Why I Decided To Take Drugs
4. How I Created The Drug Empire
5. The Lifestyle Of A Drug Dealer
6. How I Got Arrested
7. How I Survived Jail Time
8. The Truth Behind Rape In Jail
9. How Shaun Turned His Life Around
10. Leaving Jail And Moving On
11. How My Ego Caused My Problems
12. How I Acted When I Was High
13. My Crazy Marriage Story
14. The Trial Before Jail
15. How He Got Into A Prison Gang


0:00 | Shaun Attwood clips
1:59 | London Real Intro
2:56 | Brian Introduces Shaun Attwood
4:39 | Shaun Attwood talks about the start of his investment career
9:00 | Shaun discusses when he decided to leave the rat race and make money off of raves
11:15 | Shaun discusses investing and putting on raves
14:20 | Shaun discusses the first batch of pills he sold
16:27 | Brian asks Shaun why he got into the drug and crime scene
19:49 | Shaun discusses how prisons make their profits
22:00 | Shaun tells stories about his best friend Wildman
31:45 | Shaun talks about working with the New Mexican Mafia
47:00 | Shaun discusses what quality ecstasy tastes like
53:53 | Shaun discusses his drug smuggling flight routes
58:14 | They discuss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano
1:12:00 | Shaun discusses having a hit out on him
1:16:18 | Brian asks Shaun if he misses his drug pin days
1:17:32 | Shaun discusses how his empire started to fall apart
1:17:00 | Shaun tells the story of the day the SWAT team raided his apartment
1:34:00 | Shaun discusses if his parents knew he was running a drug enterprise
1:35:35 | Shaun talks about the day he had to phone his parents from prison
1:37:36 | Shaun discusses his time held in Maricopa County Jail
1:42:30 | Shaun discusses the protocols, hierarchy and getting drugs in prison
1:48:00 | Shaun discusses how private prisons make money off jailing low level drug possession
1:52:35 | Shaun discusses rape and violence in prison
2:02:45 | Shaun discusses the Aryan Brotherhood
2:04:36 | Shaun discusses being in Supermax prison
2:12:59 | Shaun discusses his first night in maximum security prison
2:16:31 | Shaun discusses having to deal with cockroaches in prison
2:25:00 | Shaun discusses what you need to do to join the Aryan Brotherhood
2:26:45 | Shaun discusses how he turned his prison time into an education opportunity
2:27:00 | Shaun tells the story of Wildman punching an Aryan Brotherhood member out
2:42:06 | Shaun tells the story of the Two Tonys
2:44:07 | Shaun discusses what it was like leaving prison
2:47:00 | Shaun discusses life after prison
2:58:14 | Shaun discusses how to get through lockdowns
3:01:00 | Shaun discusses meditation techniques to calm yourself down
3:06:00 | Shaun talks about turning our current crisis into one of opportunity


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