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Sex, “Shame” and Soul Searching


Nic and Brian welcome the movie “Shame” into the studio to discuss Sexual Addiction, the brilliant acting talents of Michael Fassbender, the uncannily creative directing of Steve McQueen, how the Judeo-Christian value system has shaped our views on sexuality, why looking at women never gets old, how most men are searching for a “mother-like” relationship with women that they will never find, the idea that art, technology, science, and politics only exist because of our primal nature to reproduce, and their thoughts on how great sex can only occur when one is emotionally or intellectually stimulated.


“I wouldn’t let anyone do that to my sister in my place!” – Brian (05:49)

“He feels so empty after he’s had meaningless sex with these chicks…” – Nic (08:37)

“They had this kind of nasty, unfulfilling sex, where you don’t see anything beautiful…” – Brian (13:19)

“….part of being a man is just facing the harsh realities of life.” – Nic (22:00)

“…the good sex has been with people I have a strong emotional connection with.” – Brian (26:05)

“An alcoholic is someone who drinks as much as you who you don’t like.” – Brian (29:49)

“…that’s fucking terrifying because that’s nihilism in its purest form…” – Nic (45:32)

“If it was your best buddy and he was getting laid a lot you’d be like ‘good for you man'” – Brian (51:00)
“There is nothing in the future waiting for you that will make it worthwhile.” – Nic (51:30)


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