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Sébastien Foucan - Find Your Way In Parkour


Sebastien Foucan is widely recognised as one of the founders of parkour, a discipline that transcends physical movement to become a philosophy of personal freedom and self-expression. Beyond his influential role in the development of parkour, Foucan is an accomplished athlete, actor, and author, inspiring individuals around the world to embrace the art of movement and cultivate a mindset of resilience and creativity.

In this London Real episode, Sébastien Foucan talks about how he incorporates the philosophies of Bruce Lee into his art, why he respected the stunt crew and Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Casino Royale, what it was really like touring with Madonna and why he dislikes the cliché that Parkour was born in an urban environment.

Sébastien Foucan’s journey into parkour began in the suburbs of Lisses, France, where he and his friends, including David Belle, explored their environment in a unique and dynamic way. Parkour, derived from the French word “parcours,” meaning “course” or “route,” involves traversing obstacles in one’s path with fluidity and efficiency, using only the human body. This innovative approach to movement marked the inception of parkour as a distinct discipline.

Foucan, along with other pioneers like David Belle, formed the group known as Yamakasi, which played a crucial role in popularising parkour. The principles of parkour revolve around adaptability, efficiency, and overcoming physical and mental barriers. It encourages practitioners to view the urban landscape as a canvas for self-expression, providing a unique way to navigate and interact with the environment.

Sébastien Foucan gained international recognition for his role in the groundbreaking film “Yamakasi” (2001), which showcased the philosophy and physical prowess of parkour. He further extended his reach through the James Bond film “Casino Royale” (2006), where he engaged in a breathtaking chase scene displaying the fluidity and precision that define parkour.

Beyond his film appearances, Foucan has been an ambassador for parkour, participating in various projects that aim to showcase the discipline’s potential for personal development and creativity. His media presence has played a crucial role in introducing parkour to a global audience and breaking down misconceptions surrounding this dynamic and expressive discipline.

Sebastien Foucan’s journey in parkour led him to develop the concept of freerunning, an evolution of parkour that incorporates a more creative and expressive element. While parkour emphasises efficiency in movement, freerunning integrates elements of acrobatics and aesthetics, encouraging practitioners to explore their personal style and artistic expression.

Foucan’s impact extends beyond physical movement; he highlights the philosophy that underlies parkour and freerunning. Central to this philosophy is the idea of self-discovery, embracing challenges, and cultivating a mindset that transcends physical barriers. Foucan encourages individuals to view obstacles not merely as impediments but as opportunities for growth and self-expression.

In addition to his contributions to film and physical disciplines, Sébastien Foucan is an accomplished author. His book “Freerunning: Find Your Way” delves into the philosophy and mindset that underpin parkour and freerunning. Through his writing and educational initiatives, Foucan seeks to inspire individuals to adopt a holistic approach to personal development, combining physical fitness with mental resilience.

Sébastien Foucan’s legacy lies not only in his role as a founder of parkour but also in his ability to articulate and share the philosophy behind this dynamic discipline. Through his contributions to film, literature, and education, Foucan has influenced a generation of individuals to embrace movement as a form of self-expression and personal growth.

Sébastien’s impact on the world of movement and personal development is profound. From the origins of parkour in the suburbs of Paris to his international presence in films and media, Foucan has been a driving force in shaping the philosophy and practice of parkour. Beyond physical prowess, Foucan’s emphasis on mindset, resilience, and creativity continues to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles and navigate life’s challenges with agility and grace.


“There is no real name to what we do except just moving, but the French word for moving with obstacle is Parkour.” – Sébastien Foucan (01:12)

“Following Bruce Lee is his book he said a name is just a name, so what about ‘Freerunning’?” – Sébastien Foucan (02:36)

“You can’t think about what if, if you want to achieve it you have to be fully committed and go for it.” – Sébastien Foucan (07:23)

“Everything I do I do it on my own, I don’t have any wires.” – Sébastien Foucan (11:08)

“I arrived there really humble, because people have skill there, they are on the top of their game.” – Sébastien Foucan (14:16)

“I’ve seen kids 14 or 15 do stuff and I’m like ‘Wow'” – Sébastien Foucan (16:22)

“The cliché people think is that Parkour is born in an urban environment, it’s not.” – Sébastien Foucan (20:11)

“It can be in the jungle. Tarzan is a guy who does Parkour.” – Sébastien Foucan (20:26)

“I don’t believe in diet, it’s something we created.” – Sébastien Foucan (27:22)

“I don’t do pushups and pull-ups, I don’t so sit-ups, I hate that. I can’t do that.” – Sébastien Foucan (28:40)

“You don’t need energy drink. You’ve got energy, the sun is your energy, the air is your energy, the water is your energy.” – Sébastien Foucan (35:23)

“Why London? Because I love London and my heart for the moment is in London.” – Sébastien Foucan (40:52)
“Two things, the biggest things I’ve done is my life is James Bond and working with Madonna.” – Sébastien Foucan (56:47


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