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Watch > Episode > Sebastien Borget - Building A Metaverse Of The People, By The People, For The People

Sebastien Borget - Building A Metaverse Of The People, By The People, For The People


Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox

The gaming industry is thriving right now, having seen enormous growth in the last 18 months. With 2.7 billion active players across the sector and 10% market growth forecast before the end of 2023, gaming represents an incredible market opportunity and it’s no wonder that blockchain-enabled technologies have garnered so many headlines of late.

In 2020 alone, that audience spent approximately $54 billion on additional in-game content and these numbers are steadily growing. It’s a trajectory that has made many who have little knowledge of the industry sit up and take notice.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting the inside track from some of the leading figures in the world of gaming and blockchain.

Times are changing rapidly, and I believe we need to embrace the opportunities ahead of us. With that in mind, I’m delighted to be sitting down with today’s guest, who is one of the most passionate speakers about blockchain gaming, the metaverse, NFTs and so much more. He is truly evangelical about the potentiality and prospect of a decentralised, open digital world where we, the users, retain control of our identity.

Sebastien Borget is an entrepreneur, technologist, public speaker and blockchain gaming pioneer. He is the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, the decentralised virtual gaming world where players can play, build, own, and monetise their experiences on virtual land.

Sebastien has over 13 years of experience in growing startups, nine of which were spent developing mobile games that were downloaded millions of times all over the world.

For several years now, Sebastien has been at the forefront of bringing blockchain technology into the gaming experience, and his passion for educating the public knows no bounds, seeing him travel the world teaching others about the value of NFTs and the importance of complete digital ownership in an open and decentralised digital universe.

Sebastien has, as you would expect, been long-considered one of the most influential people in cryptocurrency and the DeFi space.

The Sandbox has already generated over $144M in gross merchandise value to date, with over 750,000 users now connected to a wallet. And with that, over 165 brands have come knocking at their door – including Adidas, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, and perhaps most talked about, a partnership with Snoop Dogg himself, all of whom have created ​​versions of their worlds and characters in the Metaverse.

It is this meteoric rise and Sebastien’s commitment that has seen Animoca Brands, helmed by one of our previous guests Yat Siu, take notice and back The Sandbox thanks to a shared vision of blockchain gaming and NFT’s, and the potential of such games as a platform.

The Sandbox allows players and creators full ownership of anything they create or buy, and the full authorship of any NFTs they create. This idea of ownership is at the heart of what Sebastien and his team are striving for, and when combined with the potential of the emerging play-to-earn economy, it is little surprise new users are signing up every day.

The future certainly looks bright, and as momentum gathers, a thriving ecosystem is already emerging. One that Sebastien hopes will effectively manage itself, as the people that build this new world, rightly take governance – the essence of decentralisation.

Giving financial freedom back to the people is something that I‘m truly passionate about. It’s why me and my team have decided to go “ALL IN” on the opportunities at play in the world of Decentralised Finance. We plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, investing in and profiting from this exciting new marketplace.

In doing so, I have created my DeFi Academy, where I will teach you how to profit from what I am calling The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History. My Accelerator program will help you understand the complexities and nuances of the crypto market and exactly what decentralised finance is going to mean for you and billions of people around the world.

Apply now and let me know why you should be included in this incredible program, that has given many of my previous students the opportunity to create the kind of wealth you’ve long been dreaming of. Doors have only just opened for the latest course, but trust me places will fill up fast.

In the meantime sit back and enjoy today’s episode with the enigmatic Sebastien Borget, and remember,

“The most creative force of the Metaverse is… YOU!”

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  1. The metaverse needs to be open.
  2. No one will ever go back to Web 2 0.
  3. Creators and fans inside the metaverse.
  4. Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox.
  5. Reinventing gaming through Sandbox.
  6. Why we need to fight for an open metaverse.
  7. What is Sandbox like?
  8. What can a brand do on Sandbox?
  9. Nothing breaks in the metaverse.
  10. The future of metaverse, gaming and NFTs.
  11. Creativity, technology, and scaling.
  12. The Sandbox is like a digital nation.
  13. Listen to what your fans want the most.
  14. Speed is king in the metaverse.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:47 | Brian’s introduction.
03:47 | What the Metaverse is and how the gaming experience differs from earlier gaming.
08:45 | Web 3 offers a paradigm shift for humans over identity ownership and a new business model for developers.
13:31 | How the change in the business model will change gaming.
16:30 | An end to having millions of followers, to engaging and interacting with thousands.
18:54 | Sandbox and Snoop Dogg’s NFT Doggies.
20:00 | The open metaverse versus the closed metaverse of Facebook Meta and what Sebastien Borget means by the true metaverse.
28:56 | Sebastien agrees with Yat Siu on the importance of fighting to keep the metaverse open.
34:04 | What the Sandbox experience is like and what it offers participants.
37:08 | Sebastien Borget reflects on the Sandbox launch.
40:15 | Having got some Sand and considering buying a piece of land, how should Brian Rose take his experience to the Snoop Dogg level?
48:41 | What Snoop Dogg is doing with Sandbox and may do in the future which could be replicated by an influencer or another brand.
50:47 | How Sandbox will stop the experience turning into the party which gets out of control?
53:10 | How Sandbox differs from Axie and Decentraland.
58:48 | Will it be possible to interact with Axie on Sandbox?
1:00:47 | Sebastien’s thoughts on new ideas coming into the gaming world with Web 3.0 like Sami Chlagou’s creation of Cross The Ages.
1:04:23 | Sebastien Borget’s biggest challenge for the coming year.
1:07:26 | Transitioning to a DAO.
1:11:53 | What are the questions influencers and brand CEOs ask when invited to become more involved in Sandbox.
1:13:45 | Explaining the adding value ethos of the metaverse and NFTs to influencers.
1:16:21 | Does Sebastien Borget think the concept of the Doggies is the way forward for NFTs?
1:18:50 | The considerations, including speed, Sandbox and other developers make when looking at Layer 1 possibilities.
1:21:41 | Sebastien Borget’s final thoughts and how to learn more about him and Sandbox.
1:23:36 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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