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Sasha Ivanov - Building the Internet of the Future: How Waves Will Democratise the Blockchain


Founder & CEO of Waves

Recently, I have been inundated with questions and fears regarding current events in the crypto market. People from all four corners of the globe have been contacting me with questions about investing, the bear market and crypto’s future.

The truth is we’re in the midst of a huge technological and financial revolution, something that will truly change the way we live our lives, interact with each other, and do business. Of course, with that comes inevitable bumps in the road. It’s early days, but there is so much happening as the revolution starts to evolve. 

I tell everyone the same thing, get educated. Learn as much as you can about the space, and that’s why here at London Real we’ve been bringing you insight and information from the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry. 

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”

Sun Tzu

These are challenging times, but around every corner lies opportunity. I see so many people with talent and great ideas that are going to waste. We live in a world where, with the right attitude and application, we can turn a great idea into a great business.

Today’s guest did just that and has been a leading figure in the cryptocurrency space and a pioneer of the blockchain throughout the past decade, forging a path to a world of decentralised finance that for many was hard to imagine.

Sasha Ivanov is a technology entrepreneur, scientist, all-around blockchain visionary, and the founder of Waves, a multi-purpose blockchain platform that supports various use cases including decentralised applications and smart contracts. 

Sasha’s first foray into the world of blockchain and crypto came in 2013, having founded the cryptocurrency exchange From there he built the first tradable crypto index and the world’s first stablecoin CoinoUSD which was tied to the US dollar.

For Sasha, this new technology completely changed his perspective, and with his background as a physicist, he set about building new financial models that were inconceivable in traditional finance and held the potential to completely change the world around us.

The Waves platform began to take shape and in 2016 became the second-largest successfully crowdfunded blockchain project after Ethereum. For Sasha, many of the problems he saw in the early days of blockchain centred on poor usability and limited interfaces, while scalability was a major obstacle that needed to be addressed. 

Waves’ early promise was to build a ‘blockchain for the people’ and something that was accessible to users who lacked the high-tech skills necessary to interact with other blockchains, while also building an ecosystem that allowed users to address specific issues and build products that genuinely helped those in need.

To this end, Waves built a huge community base and certainly followed through on their goal to bring new, less technically minded individuals to the crypto and DeFi space.

Like so many others, Sasha and Waves have found themselves in choppy waters just recently, inevitably dealing with issues and challenges that aren’t part of the roadmap. But in typical fashion, Sasha and his team continue to meet those challenges head-on, while maintaining the innovative approach that has brought so much success in the past.

They have successfully launched Waves Ducks a collectable play-to-earn NFT game, and in June they published the Waves 2.0 white paper. As Sasha himself says,

“Bull or bear. Our vision has not changed all that much. It was, and still is pretty clear to me, all the things we need to do in the next 5 years. Time will show in what order we will end up executing them, but the road ahead is clear.”

I’m genuinely looking forward to meeting Sasha and tackling some of the big talking points in the crypto and DeFi industry right now. He’s an innovator and a true entrepreneur, who seeks out new challenges and ways to solve old problems. 

I believe this period represents a great opportunity for those willing to dig in and get the work done. A life full of passion and fulfilment is attainable for EVERYONE – which is why thanks to popular demand I’m incredibly excited to announce that our first Business Accelerator in 18 months will start next week!

So head on over to and discover how you can build your dream business in just 8 weeks. 

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