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Sandra Clark - Banished from Scientology


Entertainment reporter Sandra Clark drops by to explain how getting Hollywood scoops is her business, why some of her best friends are paparazzi, how she pays someone to channel the 19th century Dr. Peebles, and how she once impersonated a doctor to get close to Michael Jackson’s corpse.


“What is the difference between a paparazzi and what you do?” – Brian (01:04)

“They’re not all bad and they’re not all creepy.” – Sandra (02:34)

“When you’re a reporter you want to be the 1st to publish it.” – Sandra (05:01)

“When you can get an actor and humanize them there’s something comforting about that.” – Sandra (07:43)

“I think we’re a society that’s always looking to idolise someone.” – Sandra (11:11)

“Maybe your skills as a reporter would be better suited if you were covering the scene in Haiti.” – Nic (12:26)

“Ultimately you’re employed because there’s a demand for what you do.” – Brian (15:41)

“Study what Johnny Depp did.” – Sandra (20:38)

“They have this amazing charisma, they have this spirit that’s really alive.” – Sandra (26:07)

“I was kicked out of the Scientology Building, do you want to hear that story?” – Sandra (29:09)

“All humans in the monkey clan they want to know what everyone else is doing.” – Brian (41:06)

“She channels a spirit named Dr. Peeples.” – Sandra (44:03)
“‘Brian do you know where Justin Bieber is?’, so she’s not joking” – Brian (54:47


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