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Watch > Episode > Saifedean Ammous - Civilisation Depends On Capitalism But Fiat Money Destroys Everything: Why Bitcoin is the Answer

Saifedean Ammous - Civilisation Depends On Capitalism But Fiat Money Destroys Everything: Why Bitcoin is the Answer


Best-Selling Economist & Author

There’s certainly no good news when it comes to matters of the economy lately. Here in the UK the cost of living crisis continues while in the US the House of Representatives meet today to vote on a proposal to raise the debt ceiling. Governments around the world are failing their citizens and as always it feels like a case of kicking the can down the road.

There are ways to protect yourself and steps everyone can take to improve their personal financial situation, but collectively we need to do more, have our voices heard and demand a shift in mentality from our leaders. If only there was some sort of revolutionary technology that could solve all our problems? Well according to today’s guest that solution already exists.

Saifedean Ammous is an economist, author, thought leader, teacher, entrepreneur and long overdue guest here on London Real, who brings the good news and the bad, but most importantly a wealth of knowledge and ideas that will help all of us better understand the principles of economics and why Bitcoin and capitlalism offer us a route out of this ongoing nightmare.

Saifedean has an extensive background in economics having begun his journey at the American University of Beirut where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He later pursued a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University, specialising in the fields of economic growth and development.

Throughout his academic career, Saifedean developed a deep understanding of monetary systems and their profound impact on societies, and he later spent ten years as the Professor of Economics at the Lebanese American University.

However, it was likely his seminal book, The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralised Alternative to Central Banking, that catapulted Saifedean into the spotlight. A revered work that offers groundbreaking insight, it became widely regarded as something of a masterpiece in the cryptocurrency space. The book takes a deep dive into the history of money, the flaws of modern fiat currency, and the potential of Bitcoin as a decentralised and sound monetary system.

“Bitcoin is a tool for emancipation (freedom), a peaceful protest against the confiscatory and predatory policies of governments and central banks.”

Saifedean’s eloquent analysis sheds light on the strengths of Bitcoin’s scarcity, security, and immutability, positioning it as a powerful alternative to traditional central banking and fiat currencies. The book was a bestseller and translated into 36 languages worldwide.

Just a few years later Saifedean published The Fiat Standard: The Debt Slavery Alternative to Human Civilisation. More recently he has written his third book, Principles of Economics, firmly rooted in the Austrian school tradition and a must read for anyone who wants a better understanding of the fundamentals of money, the economy, government policy and so much more.

Saifedean’s expertise has become highly sought after and as a speaker he has featured at a number of prominent conferences and events, and was recently named as Economic Advisor to El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office by President Nayib Bukele, He is also the host of the hugely popular podcast – The Bitcoin Standard.

Saifedean is a smart guy, and I can’t believe we’re only just getting together for a conversation. His ideas on what a transparent, and decentralised financial system looks like and philosophical perspective make him someone I can’t wait to sit down with and talk to.

Saifedean believes that Bitcoin is a tool for freedom that acts as a form of protest against the predatory policies of governments and central banks. I can’t wait for this one and if you’re in any way concerned about the future of your money, then be sure to tune in, because Saifedean is an expert in every sense of the word.


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  1. El Salvador’s bold Bitcoin experiment
  2. The fiat barging broke down
  3. Do this to avoid staying poor
  4. How much does the US Dollar have left?
  5. Why civilisation depends on capitalism
  6. The human touch in economics
  7. Why capital accumulation is fundamental for our civilisation
  8. Why socialism will always fail
  9. Why capitalism is the winning economic system
  10. Bitcoin is the final experiment of capitalism
  11. Bitcoin is the true embodiment of capitalism
  12. Why capitalism will always prevail
  13. How AI is revolutionising job performance and output
  14. Will AIs ever have a will?
  15. What’s next for Saifedean Ammous?


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