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Watch > Episode > Ryan Serhant - Million Dollar Listing: How To Become The Ultimate Sales Machine & Earn More Doing It

Ryan Serhant - Million Dollar Listing: How To Become The Ultimate Sales Machine & Earn More Doing It


American Real Estate Broker, Author & Television Personality

Ryan Serhant is an American real estate broker, bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo’s two-time Emmy Nominated reality television series, Million Dollar Listing New York, and its spin-off, Sell It Like Serhant.

Ryan is also the leading member of The Serhant Team—an NYC-based, bi-coastal real estate group that has consistently ranked as the #1 sales team in New York and among the top five teams nationwide.

The Serhant Team consists of more than 60 experienced agents and marketing support staff and has sold over $1.6B worth of real estate in the last two years alone.

In 2017, Ryan’s team completed $838M in closed sales between Brooklyn and Manhattan—roughly $500M more than the #2 ranked team in New York. Ryan and his agents specialize in high-end residential condo and co-op sales and leasing, multi- and single-family homes, site acquisitions, and investment sales.

The Serhant Team New Development group is also a prominent force in new construction sales, with more than $16B and 50 projects across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Miami, and Los Angeles to its name.

Ryan counts some of the world’s most influential people as clients, and has set price-per-square-foot records across the city.

The Serhant Team maintains a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and has built relationships with thousands of agents around the world. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the market, Ryan and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right buyer with the right seller with remarkable success—their lifetime list-to-sale ratio is 94.5%.

In 2018, Ryan started his own entertainment and media company, Serhant Media Group (SMG), as an in-house marketing arm to both his real estate and television endeavors.

Their first project was the launch of Ryan’s VLOG on YouTube, which now has over 300,000 subscribers and has become an integral marketing tool for Ryan’s listings. Their most recent property tour was viewed almost 8M times. Named “the most influential broker in the world with the most exposure,” Ryan combines traditional market reach with a prolific social media presence that amounts to 2M followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


0:00 | Trailer
1:40 | New York City introduction
2:09 | Brian introduces Ryan Serhant
4:10 | Brian asks Ryan about his move to NYC
5:30 | Ryan Serhant talks about the infinite potential in NYC
7:00 | Brian asks what we’d surprised to learn about the day to days of Ryan’s business
8:15 | Ryan talks about how his acting background helps with his real estate business
9:56 | Ryan discusses why knowing his customers fears is essential
11:00 | Ryan discusses the difference between the real estate market in NYC and London
13:17 | Brian asks Ryan why people are so fascinated with his story
15:00 | Ryan talks about why real estate is a meritocracy
16:00 | Ryan discusses how he got started with his brokerage company
20:27 | Ryan talks about millennial apathy
22:00 | Ryan discusses growing up with strict parents
23:44 | Ryan discusses getting the Bravo show
29:30 | Ryan talks about the fear of wasted potential
31:00 | Ryan talks about fatherhood
35:00 | Ryan discusses building his business on YouTube
40:00 | Brian asks Ryan if it’s worth getting into the real estate market
41:35 | Ryan discusses his daily routine
43:00 | Ryan discusses the importance of following up
45:00 | Ryan discusses the worst thing a salesperson can do


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