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Rushion McDonald - Why Accept Average When You Can Do Better? How To Build Future Success

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From IBM to Stand-up Comedy

I was recently in New York City, where I met some incredible people including Rushion McDonald.

An American entrepreneur, brand ambassador and media executive, Rushion McDonald is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer and owner of the 3815 Media production company.

This man has worked with some of the greatest names in media but he’s also something you wouldn’t expect – a master of reinvention.

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He grew up very poor in Houston Texas, but found a way to get into IBM where he worked for a few years until he decided to pursue a career in comedy. Everybody told him not to do it, but he was determined to make it in entertainment.

Now Rushion is recognised throughout the entertainment industry for his successes in producing top television shows, movies, and events. He’s worked with names such as Mo’Nique, Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx.

If that wasn’t enough, Rushion’s other accolades include being a three-time NAACP Image Award Winner, hosting the Money Making Conversations radio show, and creating the Baker Spotlight recipe library, and Ambassador for Perfect Bake Scale.

Surviving Cancer & Aiming Higher

He’s super smart when it comes to building media personalities. From Steve Harvey to Stephen A. Smith, Rushion has helped propel other people’s careers to crazy heights.

For example, he recently got Stephen, America’s most famous sportscaster, an 8 million dollar annual contract with ESPN, making him the highest-paid talent on the network.

Rushion also has a new book out and a new message to people his age and millennials. He wants us all to aim higher and get our of our own way.

He’s an incredible guy and had some amazing stories about surviving cancer and how he’s coming back from it. I know you’re going to love this incredible episode with Rushion McDonald

Join us as we discuss:

  • Living in NYC, Conor McGregor, and Steve Harvey
  • Growing up in Houston, his mother, and Stephen A. Smith
  • Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, and Jon Stewart
  • Denis Leary, Barack Obama, and the worst day of his life
  • Authenticity, Facebook Watch, and YouTube stars
  • Fraternity life, surviving cancer, and his family


00:00 | Trailer.
02:28 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:49 | Brian’s introduction.
04:27 | New York city where Rushion McDonald knows dreams can be achieved.
07:50 | What Rushion McDonald sees in the people he meets with real talent.
16:37 | Where his dream came from for the possibilities he could achieve.
21:02 | Get out of any environment that could be negative to your future dreams.
29:41 | Rushion McDonald explains what he has learnt about creating content.
34:25 | What Stephen A Smith is like and why he has been so successful.
36:41 | Rushion McDonald’s future plans for Stephen A Smith.
41:16 | What does and doesn’t make a good show and why so many YouTubers fail.
44:35 | His view of social media as a platform and how it can be used.
51:20 | Is Connor McGregor owning a whisky brand a way to monetise his fame in Rushion McDonald’s opinion?
55:02 | Given recent events, Rushion McDonald suggests what Kevin Hart’s next moves should be.
58:49 | How Rushion McDonald has made the various transitions in his career.
1:06:16 | Focus on the short term goals.
1:08:23 | Rushion McDonald’s advice to everyone for their future progression.
1:10:00 | Stop shooting for average whatever your age.
1:11:57 | Rushion McDonald’s daily practice.
1:14:44 | What is his superpower.
1:19:08 | Best and worst days of Rushion McDonald’s life.
1:27:18 | What scares him.
1:28:08 | What we would be surprised to learn about him
1:30:00 | What keeps him awake at night and does he think we will make it in this world.
1:32:26 | Success secrets.
1:33:07 | The ways to learn more about Rushion McDonald’s advice and when his book is published.
1:36:52 | Brian’s summing up.


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