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Rou Reynolds - Enter Shikari


Rou Reynolds is the lead singer of Enter Shikari, a British post-hardcore band known for their mix of music genres and bold political messages. I hooked up with him the day he was giving the closing talk at Z-Day, the Zeitgeist Movement’s global celebration of unity, activism, and education.

Rou is ANYTHING but what you’d expect from the front man for such an influential, grass roots movement known as Enter Shikari. He is open, honest, thoughtful, caring, vulnerable, opinionated and humble. Knowing their long history in the music business I had expected someone more aggressive, jaded, or even close-minded. Boy was I wrong.

Take a minute and watch a few of their music videos on YouTube. Some of my favourites (and a few featured in this teaser trailer) are “Sorry You’re Not A Winner”, “Arguing With Thermometers”, “Destabilise”, and “Radiate”. Their raw energy and creativity is resoundingly unique and somehow uniquely British.
I’m buying their music on my iPhone as I write this. I hope you join me in supporting these inspiring and influential artists. Next time you catch them live make sure you look around, you might just see me spicing up the mosh pit.

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