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Watch > Episode > Ronnie Coleman - The King Of Bodybuilding: How I Overcame Adversity To Become Eight Time Mr. Olympia

Ronnie Coleman - The King Of Bodybuilding: How I Overcame Adversity To Become Eight Time Mr. Olympia


8x Mr Olympia

Ronnie Coleman is the American bodybuilding champion, considered to be the greatest of all time.

He won the Mr. Olympia contest a record 8 times, the first two while still serving as a full-time police officer and collected 26 titles as an IFBB Pro.

At his peak, he had 58” chest, 24” arms, 0.33% body fat and consumed over five and a half thousand calories a day.

He was recently featured in the Netflix documentary “Ronnie Coleman: The King.”, and wrote a book “Yeah Buddy!” chronicles with his many struggles and successes in bodybuilding.

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1. The Passion For Bodybuilding
2. About Being On Stage
3. Never Looking In The Mirror
4. Work Ethic
5. New Generation
6. No Regrets
7. What It Takes To Place 1st
8. About Dorian Yates
9. About Arnold
10. Steroids
11. About The Injuries
12. Today VS The Golden Era
13. Building A Business
14. Being A Police Officer


0:00 | London Real Introduction
1:02 | Brian introduces Ronnie
2:59 | Why Ronnie loves bodybuilding
5:33 | The difference between current bodybuilding and Ronnie’s era
8:17 | Most important part of competition day
11:51 | Ronnie talks about the mental battle he plays with himself all year before Mr. Olympia
13:28 | Brian talks about doing “leg day” with Dorian Yates
15:50 | Ronnie discusses where he gets his motivation from
19:45 | Ronnie discusses the sacrifices you make to be a champion
21:21 | Advice he’d give to kids these days
23:00 | Ronnie discusses how he has no regrets
27:36 | How long it takes to build muscle mass
28:44 | How long it took Ronnie from the start of his career until he won Mr. Olympia
36:39 | The Ronnie Coleman Era
39:39 | Ronnie talks about Dorian Yates and Arnold Schwarzenegger
40:51 | Arnold’s legacy
41:43 | Ronnie discusses genetics and the three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph
43:10 | Ronnie discusses supplements and body enhancers
47:18 | Ronnie discusses steroids
48:43 | Ronnie discusses testosterone, growth hormones and genetic engineering
52:17 | Ronnie discusses his injuries
55:34 | Ronnie discusses how he’s feeling these days
1:04:49 | Ronnie discusses how his bodybuilding skills transferred over to the business world
1:07:20 | Ronnie gives business advice
1:09:12 | Ronnie discusses why he loved being a police officer
1:12:50 | Ronnie’s superpower
1:13:22 | Ronnie’s best and worst days and his fears
1:20:13 | Ronnie’s advice to his younger self
1:21:43 | Ronnie’s advice to young people
1:23:11 | Brian sums up


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