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Robert Oberst - Strong & Pretty: The American Monster


Robert Oberst is the professional strongman known as “The American Monster”. He has competed in Strongman all around the world since 2012, including America’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Classic and five times in the World’s Strongest Man, twice placing as a finalist. Today Robert stars on the History Channel television show The Strongest Man In History, alongside Brian Shaw, Nick Best and Eddie Hall, while travelling the world promoting strongman with his catchphrase “Strong and Pretty”.


00:00 | Trailer
02:30 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:29 | Brian’s introduction
04:01 | Robert enjoys being in London where he once paid homage to Thomas Topham
07:26 | The trouble making, prankster, strongmen
08:53 | Strongest Man in History TV show is fun and pays respect to strong men in the past
11:04 | Characterisation of a strong man
15:58 | How Robert got into Strongman competition
24:50 | What he learnt about people from being a doorman
31:15 | Starting out in Strongman, exercises and techniques
45:42 | The dark years until the birth of his son changed everything
50:27 | Why people love watching Strongman
56:35 | The main thing he has learnt from being on Strongest Man in History
1:01:52 | The deadlift – what he thought when Eddie Hall did it and what he thinks of it in general
1:12:54 | Weighing the risk versus reward in Strongman
1:16:36 | Lifting the Dinnie stones in Scotland for the Strongest Man in History show
1:26:30 | Robert’s thoughts on Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall and Nick Best and others in the sport
1:27:43 | Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and upcoming strongmen including Iron Biby1:35:25 What Robert wants from his career over the next few years and his ultimate aspiration and goal
1:39:52 | Life after Strongman
1:44:40 | What he knows as a truism that other people try to debate about diet
1:53:39 | Andr√© the Giant and Robert’s hopes for the Strongest Man in History to go into a second series
1:56:43 | What it is like to be in the film business
1:58:51 | Robert’s daily routine
2:02:18 | What is Robert’s superpower
2:03:44 | The best and worst days of his life
2:17:52 | What scares him
2:19:03 | What keeps him awake at night
2:23:44 | Success secrets
2:24:54 | Best advice ever received
2:27:18 | Brian’s summing up.


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