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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad,Poor Dad - How To Invest In Yourself


Author of The #1 Personal Finance Book of All-Time

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a personal finance book written in 1997 that’s sold over 32 million copies in over 51 languages, across 109 countries. This book has also been a New York Times bestseller, so you know it’s got some solid financial advice that people from all over the world can use.

If you want to know how to invest in yourself, then you’ve got to hear this interview with Robert Kiyosaki. Find out how you can live not only a fulfilling life, but a rich one as well.

The Origins of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book

As a child, Robert Kiyosaki had two “dads”: his biological father and his best friend’s father. His real father was the “poor dad,” and his best friend’s dad was the “rich dad.”

Considering his father went to Stanford and earned a PhD while his “rich dad” didn’t even finish the 8th grade, this stark contrast between the two is even more shocking when you consider each of their financial success.

Robert Kiyosaki compiled all the financial life lessons he learned from each “dad” and poses some valuable ones to readers.

Making Wise Financial Decisions

In this interview, Robert is very candid about his life lessons on money. He sits down with me to explain his interest in finances ever since he as a child in Hawaii.

Although Robert Kiyosaki’s family wasn’t exactly poor by standard poverty levels, he believes that they had a poor attitude. As in his dad’s case, higher education didn’t necessarily mean financial success.

Because of this, from an early age, Kiyosaki chose to learn from his “rich dad.”

The most important lesson he learned? The rich don’t work for their money. Instead, they make it work for them.

The rich focus on accumulating financial assets while most people only focus on earning an income. But at the same time, you shouldn’t be working to only amass money. Your main purpose should be working to learn.

By learning more skills, you’re learning how to invest in yourself, which massively increases your chances of success.

Financial Literacy Is Vital to Success

One of Robert Kiyosaki’s main issues with the educational system is they don’t teach students anything on financial literacy. While you can learn maths, English, and other important subjects, there’s shockingly very little taught about how to handle money.

Because of this, many people grow up to manage their money very poorly, whether they have very little or lots of it. Even with millions, it’s possible for someone to squander it in an instant.

Robert Kiyosaki got into numerous arguments with his professors in graduate school. These educators taught business and financial subjects, but didn’t actually have experience or a real grasp on these things. These were what Kiyosaki calls “fake teachers.”

He believes that to succeed, not only do you need to understand finance, but you need to actually experience it through people who do what they teach.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:44 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:31 | Brian’s introduction.
06:58 | Why a recent meeting was one of the highlights of Roberts life.
08:47 | How, at 9 years old, his Rich Dad, Poor Dad story began.
16:11 | Schools will not teach you about money, Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and Cashflow Game do.
19:52 | Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book about accounting but also about fears surrounding money.
23:32 | Political correctness is killing the brains of our young people.
25:24 | Contrasting mindset of poor people and rich people.
30:27 | How he is bringing spirituality back into a corporate business.
31:24 | Why Robert wrote two books with Donald Trump and what he learned about him.
38:06 | Will there be a reversal of this snowflake generation and societal unrest,
40:56 | Robert is warning people across the world that there is a crash coming.
44:56 | What the New York Time’s article on Jared Kushner illustrates about the average mindset.
48:31 | Why Robert went into the Marines where a terrifying event led to a spiritual experience.
1:02:06 | How the experience changed him and what it led him to do.
1:10:05 | Robert talks about his wife Kim Kiyosaki.
1:18:05 | His meditation practice.
1:21:11 | What Robert expects to be doing in 10 years from now.
1:21:59 | What scares him.
1:29:44 | Robert feels we do not have much more time.
1:31:08 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:31:25 | What we would be surprised to learn about him.
1:33:46 | Phone call to the 20 years old Robert Kiyosaki.
1:36:39 | Success Secrets.
1:37:18 | Advice to the 20 years old watching.
1:38:19 | Brian’s summing up.


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