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Robert Kiyosaki - Mind-Blowing: Bitcoin Will Hit $350,000 This Year!


Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“If you’re hoping the government’s going to save you, you’re in trouble – I’m saying wake up!”

What a first half of 2024 it’s been. Today’s guest last appeared on London Real six months ago when he made a grave prediction about the upcoming US elections and the perilous state of the economy. Today he returns to confirm our worst fears.

I’m delighted to be welcoming back my good friend and no nonsense money man, Robert Kiyosaki – who’ll be joining me LIVE in the studio, here in London. During these turbulent times you need to be very careful where you get your information, and I feel confident that Robert’s advice is about as sound as it gets.

Robert shoots straight from the hip and while the truth can often be a bitter pill to swallow, following Robert’s lead will help keep your hard earned money safe and, more importantly, productive.

As an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, and financial expert, Robert has spent his career helping people understand how money works, and how it can work for you.

Robert is also the author of the globally renowned bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – ranked the number one personal finance book of all time. The book was so successful it was translated into 51 languages and has sold over 41 million copies worldwide.

Robert has written a further 25 books that have offered people young and old the kind of financial advice that turns traditional economic insight on its head. He most recently penned, “The Capitalist Manifesto: How Entrepreneurs Can Save Capitalism”, which dives headfirst into so many of the issues that are woven within the fabric of society.

Robert believes vehemently that the communist ideals taught in our schools and colleges have a lot to answer for and suggests it’s time to fight back and ensure the right kind of information and ideas are percolating in our education systems.

Woke is for losers. Let’s not let losers destroy the greatest nation on earth.”

Robert has spent much of his adult life breaking rank and challenging the mainstream way of thinking. Failure is part and parcel of success and this is something we’re not trained for in the traditional school system. Robert was a US Marine Pilot who fought in the Vietnam War and since those fateful times he has consistently challenged the status quo.

He has even written two books with his good friend Donald Trump and as the election race in the US starts to heat up, it’ll be fascinating to hear how Robert sees that playing out. Robert thinks Biden is the worst leader in US history and unfolding events will do little to quell that belief.

Underlying Robert’s work has always been the theme that the rich get richer and the poor, well, they just get poorer, work harder and stay exactly where they are.

“There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and there are those who say – what happened?”

Robert believes the financial crash has already begun, and it’s only a matter of time before that reality starts to hit home. Yes folks, if you thought things had been bad these last few years, well strap yourself in, because they might be about to get a whole lot worse.

America’s debt is the highest in its history, and it’s a debt that America can never pay back. $34 trillion and counting. How long can the US continue to fund wars, when there’s so much turmoil and poverty within their own borders? Homelessness is at record highs and Fentanyl is sweeping its way across the nation.

“Bidenomics is a joke. Inflation is eating American families alive. The only product coming down in price is Fentanyl. Thank you Mr President.”

Robert says it’s all very tragic and unfortunately when you add the fact that America’s election process has become a “joke”, supposedly the most sacred component of a freedom loving, democratic society – then you’ve hit rock bottom.

“America is sick… America is a very divided and angry country right now and no one can figure out what’s happening.”

There is some good news. As Robert points out, crashes are the best time to make money, and there’s opportunities if you know where to look – “The bargains will float to the surface.”

I always enjoy talking to Robert and I know all of you get so much out of these conversations, so make sure to tune in, because I can’t stress how important some of this information is, Robert’s advice could not only help you protect your wealth, but increase it.

“I fight for freedom and they’re taking our freedoms away.”

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