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Watch > Episode > Robbie Ferguson - How Scalable Blockchain For Video Gaming is Transforming the Digital Universe

Robbie Ferguson - How Scalable Blockchain For Video Gaming is Transforming the Digital Universe


Co-Founder of Immutable X

We are witnessing a seismic shift in the world of digital ledger technology, as levels of innovation continue to grow at an exponential rate across the cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain-enabled gaming sectors.

Talent from every conceivable industry are making their way into the world of Blockchain and with that transforming the way in which we conduct commerce, socialise, experience entertainment or share our lives with one another. It’s an incredibly exciting time, if not a little overwhelming for the uninitiated.

Robbie Ferguson is a blockchain gaming pioneer and industry visionary, having co-founded Immutable X, a Layer-2 scalability protocol for NFTs on Ethereum.

Immutable X is also a leading blockchain game development studio that has brought the hugely successful Gods Unchained – one of the first digital collectible trading card games built using blockchain technology – to a global audience.

Robbie’s goal is to make minting and trading NFTs easier than trading traditional digital assets by effectively leveraging Ethereum’s security and network effects alongside the incorporation of Immutable’s ZK-rollup solution (in partnership with StarkWare). ZK-rollups are a layer 2 construction that increase scalability through mass transfer processing, rolled into a single transaction while also eliminating gas fees for NFT minting and trading.

It has proven already to be a sound and prosperous solution, particularly as the growth in the NFT market shows no sign of abating. The market size for digital collectibles is catching up to that of the traditional art market, reaching a $41 billion value by the end of 2021 from just $100 million only 12 months earlier.

By the end of 2025, it is expected that figure will grow to somewhere around the $80 billion mark and when you consider the global gaming industry could touch $300 billion this year it is easy to see how much value gaming on the blockchain could have as more and more users migrate each and every month to the world of crypto and NFTs.

For his part, Robbie is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable guy. He loves gaming, and he can see how technology is changing the world around us. Alongside his co-founder and brother James, they have immersed themselves in the blockchain and are providing infrastructure that will make it easier for any business to build and trade NFTs without the extortionate costs. It puts the team at Immutable well ahead of the curve and I’m really looking forward to sitting down with Robbie to find out how this all started and where he thinks it will end.

Recently, Immutable struck a huge deal with Gamestop to become the powering force behind their own NFT marketplace and in September of last year a similar scenario saw them partner with TikTok, all of which is rapidly making Immutable X a mainstream name and the go to team when it comes to marketing NFTs.

For Robbie, NFTs are the present and the future.

An industry that will continue to grow at an exponential rate as more and more companies and individuals recognise the value of ownership and creating direct relationships with their audiences, as the world continues to free itself of middlemen and cumbersome practices.

Like when I looked at Decentralised Finance, and quickly realised that this was going to revolutionise the concept of money for billions of people around the world, giving ordinary people the financial freedom they deserve.

The opportunities here are those only seen once in a lifetime and they come to those who are willing to take action and adopt a long-term vision with real discipline and a strong mission to add real value to the ultimate end-user.

This is exactly what I will teach you at my Crypto & DeFi Academy because my team and I are going “ALL IN” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and TRANSFORMING this exciting new marketplace.

So take a look for yourself and take time to consider what this could mean for you and your family’s future.

And be sure to catch today’s episode with Robbie Ferguson, a true expert in his field and incredibly engaging teacher, who believes the potential of NFTs and gaming has not even scratched the surface of what is to come,

“The use case is like 0.01% of what it’s going to be in even 12 to 18 months from now.”

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  1. Owning your own data with NFTs
  2. Right now NFTs are horrendously mispriced
  3. NFTs will be so much more than just gaming
  4. Web 3.0 companies are pro-user
  5. How did you lower gas to zero?
  6. At the end of the day, liquidity is key
  7. The future of in-game trading
  8. Tokenisation changes everything
  9. The new paradigm of raising capital
  10. The deal with Gamestop
  11. Should we be concerned about Facebook’s Meta?
  12. Economic and human interests should be aligned
  13. Communication is everything in business
  14. We’re creating a future for decentralised ownership


00:00 | Trailer.
02:45 | Brian’s introduction.
04:05 | What Immutable does.
07:20 | The prospect of tokenising your own assets and owning your own data.
10:30 | NFTs can provide liquidity to any unique asset.
14:02 | The exponential growth in awareness of NFTs and what they promise for society.
18:42 | What the DeFi summer meant for gaming and the transformational concept of companies sharing information and becoming pro-user.
30:31 | Immutable’s approach to Ethereum’s gas fees.
38:23 | Robbie Ferguson’s thoughts on how London Real created and distributed its first NFTs.
41:00 | What Immutable is doing with trading platforms.
55:15 | What Immutable’s recent equity raise will allow them to do and focus on.
1:01:47 | How Immutable makes a profit on a transaction.
1:02:33 | Immutable’s partnerships.
1:05:45 | Robbie Ferguson’s views on the rebrand which created Meta.
1:08:11 | The most important fight of our lives is to keep the Metaverse open.
1:13:15 | China is controlling the digital Yuan and has banned Cryptocurrency, could this be replicated in the US and other countries and is that an argument for an open based stable coin?
1:15:42 | Robbie Ferguson’s praise for the Peter Thiel’s Fellowship Foundation scholarship.
1:18:26 | In five decades children will not spend time in the real world, is that a good thing and will that be a reason to fight for the open metaverse?
1:21:19 | Robbie Ferguson’s biggest challenge in regard to Immutable.
1:24:08 | As President of the company is communicating a big part of his role.
1:25:48 | The four pillars of his routine which sustain him.
1:29:48 | Where will Immutable be in five years, will there be Bitcoin and stable coins?
1:31:36 | Final thoughts on Immutable from Robbie Ferguson.
1:32:42 | How to contact Immutable or work for them and how to engage with the next protocol.
1:33:49 | Brian’s summing up.


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