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Richard Villar - Disaster Medic


Richard Villar is, quite simply, a Badass.  A former SAS Surgeon with his own hip & knee surgery centre, Richard uses his spare time to volunteer as a Disaster Medic and has assisted after three major earthquakes (Kashmir, Java, and Haiti), the Libyan Civil War, and most recently in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.

Quintessentially British, Richard describes the most harrowing situations with a most ample dose of levity.  Not content as just a member of the SAS (British Special Forces), he went further to become a surgeon in the elite regiment.

I was extremely honoured and excited to have a 2nd visit from Richard (see his first appearance) and I hung on his every word and description of his Typhoon experience.  From getting the phone call while vacationing in the Lake District to being on a plane to Manila 48 hours later, Richard describes the brutal reality of a country left paralysed with its citizens in dire need of medical attention.

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He goes on further to discuss his own mentality and how he must compartmentalise and address his own trauma when he returns to England two weeks later.

I hope you enjoy my one-on-one with Richard Villar.  This one is not to miss!


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