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Rich Roll - How To Live An Ultra Life


Ultra Athlete and Wellness Advocate

Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete, best-selling author, and wellness advocate, known for his incredible feats of endurance and commitment to a plant-based lifestyle. Roll’s transformative journey from struggling with addiction and health issues to becoming one of the world’s fittest men has inspired countless people to embrace a healthier, more balanced way of living. In this exclusive 2-hour video interview, Rich Roll shares his personal story, the challenges he has faced, and the profound impact of embracing a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Born on October 20, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, Rich Roll grew up with a passion for sports and fitness. However, as he entered adulthood, Roll struggled with alcohol addiction and a series of health issues that ultimately derailed his athletic pursuits. In 2006, at the age of 40, Roll experienced a turning point when he decided to confront his addiction, overhaul his diet, and commit himself to a life of health, fitness, and personal growth.

Embracing a whole food, plant-based diet and a rigorous training regimen, Rich Roll transformed himself into an ultra-endurance athlete, competing in some of the world’s most challenging races. In 2009, Roll completed the grueling Ultraman World Championships, placing 11th overall and drawing international attention for his remarkable accomplishments. Since then, Roll has participated in numerous ultra-endurance events, proving that age and dietary choices are no barriers to extraordinary athletic performance.

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Rich Roll has become a leading voice in the health and wellness community. His best-selling memoir, “Finding Ultra,” chronicles his personal journey and offers valuable insights into the power of plant-based nutrition and the benefits of endurance sports. Roll also hosts the popular “Rich Roll Podcast,” where he interviews thought leaders, athletes, and experts on topics related to personal growth, health, and well-being.

In this exclusive video interview, Rich Roll delves into his transformative journey and the lessons he has learned along the way. He shares insights on the benefits of a plant-based diet, the importance of cultivating mental resilience, and the profound impact that consistent exercise and self-care can have on our overall well-being.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, someone looking to improve your health, or simply interested in personal growth, this exclusive interview with Rich Roll offers a wealth of inspiration and practical advice. Gain a deeper understanding of the power of holistic health, the potential of plant-based nutrition, and the transformative effects of endurance sports on the mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Rich Roll’s experiences and insights. Watch this captivating interview and be inspired by his journey, his dedication to wellness, and the incredible feats of endurance he has achieved through perseverance and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.


00:00 | Trailer
03:49 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:04 | Brian’s introduction
06:54 | Shoreditch, London vibe and British engagement in ultra-running
08:29 | Rich’s early life and ultra-race challenge resonated with Brian, both of them friends of John Joseph
12:30 | Life for Rich aged 39
23:48 | What it was like to be in rehab
26:51 | What those close to an alcoholic should perhaps say to them
30:40 | How Rich made the tentative steps out of rehab to rebuild a new life and maintain it
36:55 | Those moments in time when, if we have enough awareness, hold the power to transform our lives
41:04 | The strategies Rich employed
43:08 | Embarking on a different detox and the resulting revelation
45:44 | Tribute to the crucial support of his wife and the profound relationship insight he has had
51:26 | How Rich initially deceived himself into thinking he was eating healthily
57:43 | Running and running, getting in a flow state, broadening his horizons
1:01:02 | Why, upon deciding to compete, he went straight into the ultra-challenges
1:10:19 | What training for this level of fitness and endurance teaches you about yourself
1:13:12 | What it was like participating in Ultraman 2008
1:15:00 | Ultraman 2009
1:21:55 | We all have these reservoirs of potential: Inspirational words from Rich
1:22:55 | Epic5 challenge gave Rich a different perspective on the human experience and capability in general
1:35:20 | What it was like becoming the poster boy after writing Finding Ultra
1:41:02 | Having achieved so much, came years in the wilderness
1:46 34 | What was the guiding spirit that kept him going
1:48:56 | Why Rich decided to stop competing regularly and how his new concern proved more challenging
1:52:51 | What he is doing now and how it might develop
1:54:57 | How his podcast has changed him
1:57:13 | A plant-based diet and the vegan movement: his approach to being part of it
2:03:48 | Rich is wary of using plant-based medicines himself
2:07:22 | What scares Rich
2:08:31 | Worst and best day of his life
2:11:43 | What keeps him awake at night
2:13:58 | Phone call to the 20-year old Rich
2:16:00 | Success secrets
2:16:56 | Advice to the young person watching, who is addicted to something and they don’t know what to do
2:20:50 | Brian’s summing up.


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