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Remi Warren - Hunting Is Human


Live Wild, Hunt Hard

Remi Warren is the American hunter, outdoor guide, television presenter and writer. He is one of the world’s foremost hunting advocates, spending an average of 300 days a year in the wild. He has survived everything from bear attacks to being struck by lightning. He has hosted multiple shows on television including Solo Hunters, Meat Eater and Apex Predator, educating people about where our food comes from, and how hunting contributes to wildlife conservation.


00:00 | Trailer
02:14 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:02 | Brian’s introduction
04:34 | First visit to London which differs from his usual habitat
06:53 | The history of hunting in the UK
10:04 | Why, for some, hunting seems a natural human instinct
22:11 | Whatever food one participates in growing, harvesting, hunting or killing adds an appreciative dimension
22:58 | Does Remi still experience the sadness his wife felt when she pulled the trigger for the first tie
25:31 | The terminology surrounding the act of taking an animal’s life
33:10 | Hunting is the reason these animals are able to survive loss of habitat causes extinction
40:10 | Remi’s opinion of trophy hunters
46:30 | His most memorable hunt
52:27 | What he means by, to be hunting hard
53:51 | Remi enjoyed making the Apex Predator project
1:00:42 | What it was like to see a Wolf kill an Elk
1:02:29 | If in nature animals are going to die sometime anyway, does that justify hunting them
1:03:12 | What can city folk do if they don’t want to be supermarket cowboys, or plant eaters
1:08:44 | Vegans have to be honest with themselves in that they are causing the killing of animals
1:10:11 | What Remi thinks of the plant-based movement
1:11:35 | Diet is why meat from a wild animal differs from farm reared meat
1:14:24 | Encounters with bears
1:33:43 | What Brian should consider if he decides to participate in a hunt
1:40:31 | Remi thinks there is a lot to consider before making a judgement on hunting in Africa
1:49:04 | How politics affect wild places including global warming and therefore wild animals
1:53:31 | What in ten years-time he would like to look back on with pride
1:55:21 | Should everyone go hunting once
1:56:36 | What his friends would say makes Remi a good hunter
1:57:39 | Does his wife support his prolonged absences in the wild
1:58:24 | Dramatic best and worst day of his life
2:12:42 | Learning to trust our instincts
2:16:13 | Phone call to the twenty years old Remi Warren
2:17:30 Best advice he ever received
2:19:15 | Success secrets
2:19:51 | Brian’s summing up.


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