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Watch > Episode > Philip McKernan - Create A Life That Means Something - Part 2

Philip McKernan - Create A Life That Means Something - Part 2


Inspirational Speaker and Philosopher

Philip McKernan is an inspirational speaker and philosopher who offers some pretty deep insights on the human experience.

In part 1 of his live session at London Real StudiosMcKernan started his talk about the importance of creating a life that means something. He discusses how we tend to run away from our feelings, so the best thing to do is to face them as soon as you possibly can.

So what else does McKernan have to say about living a meaningful life? Check out part 2 of his time with London Real, during one of the first times we’ve had a live audience for a speaker.

About Philip McKernan

In case you haven’t seen the first part of Mckernan’s time at the London Real Studios, here’s a quick rundown on him.

Philip McKernan has run something called the human experiment in India. This is a social experiment where McKernan strives to help individuals realise their gifts and talents, and tries to help them grow. You can view the results and more in the film Give & Grow.

Now that you know a little more about McKernan, let’s see what he has to say in part 2 of his time at London Real Studios.

Finding Your True Identity

Philip McKernan tackles the hard subject of your true identity.

For many, their identity is what they do, as opposed to who we are. He uses the example of military men who have essentially made the uniform their identity. For civilians, replace the uniform with their businesses.

When you strip away the uniform, business, or whatever else you identify with or as, it can be frightening. Most don’t realise that they’ve lost their true identities, and it’s actually an illusion.

Going back to the military example, Mckernan explains that it may seem like US military men have joined because they truly want to be there. But in reality, almost none of them want to be there for such patriotic reasons. Instead, they don’t have direction in life and wanted the military benefits.

He believes this isn’t a military issue, but rather, a human issue. Replace “military” with any other possible title, and you’ll find tonnes others who have the same mindset.

Create a Life You Love

Essentially, Philip McKernan’s main message is this: create a life you love. Once you let go of your desperate need for validation, ironically, you’ll actually get it.

But to do so, you need to really address what’s really paining you. You might think you’ve already addressed it, but all you’ve really done is lock it away and bury it.

According to McKernan, to really create a life you love, you take your baggage and share it with others. This completes the cycle or journey you must take to live a meaningful life.

If this has intrigued you, then make sure to watch this entire video with Philip McKernan. He takes a very real look at the human experience and will help open your eyes.


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