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Watch > Episode > Philip McKernan - Create A Life That Means Something - Part 1

Philip McKernan - Create A Life That Means Something - Part 1


Philip McKernan is a well-known inspirational speaker who is also a philosopher who mulls over the human experience.

McKernan takes some time to come to London Real Studios for a live session of London Real Academy. Besides another streaming episode we did for a band, this is one of the first times we’ve had a live audience for a special guest. Usually, it’s just me and the special guests, so you’re in for a treat when you watch this video with Philip McKernan.

At the beginning of this video, I go over how I started London Real and how special the studio space is to me. I then segue into how I met Philip and for the rest of it, McKernan takes the stage for an intimate session with the live audience.

Who Is Philip McKernan?

Philip McKernan isn’t just an inspirational speaker. In addition to being a philosopher, he’s also an author and filmmaker. As you can see, he utilises his vast knowledge and disperses it in any way he can.

McKernan is an expert at helping others with personal growth, as he’s had years of experience helping both the poor and the rich. From those years of knowledge, he’s realised one important thing: you need to improve the relationship with yourself in order to live a meaningful life.

He’s responsible for the human experiment, which is featured in the film Give & Grow. In this film, he holds a social experiment in India to see if he can help these individuals find their higher calling. Mckernan’s results are truly astounding.

Create a Life That Means Something

Philip McKernan urges everyone to create a love you love. Your mind can be your biggest enemy, and for most people, they spend their lives running away from it.

McKernan thinks that because our feelings will catch up to us eventually, you should face them as soon as you can. How do things in life make you feel, such as work and money?

For most people, the things we chase after and don’t accomplish can stay with us and eat away at our core. In the end, it can result in self-sabotage and prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Be Who You Really Are

The one thing Philip McKernan truly desires for everyone on this earth is to shift their values in themselves, how they are on this earth. By shifting everything inside you, everything else in your life will shift as well.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should put more pressure on yourself. This means weeding out the unnecessary things in your life that don’t nurture your soul.

Towards the end of Part 1 of this video, McKernan takes some questions from the audience. So make sure you watch the entire thing to get even more valuable information from this inspirational speaker. You’re sure to gain some life-changing advice that’ll allow you to turn your life around and create a life that means something.


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