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Peter Bleksley - Former Scotland Yard Detective: Why I'm Hunting A Killer Who Has Been On The Run For 15 Years


Peter Bleksley is a former cop and undercover detective turned author, and broadcaster, who spent over twenty years of his life chasing then mixing with some of the most hardened criminals operating in society’s shadows.

As a wayward and errant youth, Peter was offered a lifeline at the age 16 which led to him joining the Metropolitan Police and gave some much needed direction to his aimless teenage years.

From nicking thieves to being one of the first members of the force on the scene in what turned into the Brixton riots, Peter also spent the best part of his career risking life and limb to bring some of Europe’s most serious criminals and gangsters to justice, foraging in the seedy underbelly of lawlessness by taking on the role of undercover agent at Scotland Yard.

Posing as an international drug trafficker, weapons dealer, contract killer and everything in between, Peter’s life was stranger than fiction. However, it all came crashing to an unceremonious halt, as an investigation unravelled leaving Peter’s life in the balance.

With no choice but to join the witness protection programme, Peter’s chaotic routine was jolted once more, and the repercussions led to a mental breakdown that saw him admitted to a lock-in psychiatric ward.

In the years that have since passed, Peter has gone on to write plays for BBC Radio 4 and served as the ‘Chief’ on Channel 4’s hugely successful fugitive reality show ‘Hunted’.

Peter’s latest book ‘Manhunt’ follows his quest to track down the notorious double-murder fugitive Kevin Parle, who has managed to elude law enforcement for over 16 years.

Enjoy this deep dive into the world of serious crime, murder and madness.

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1. Policing In The UK Compared To USA
2. Drugs And Crime Rate
3. Let The Government Control The Drug Market
4. A Story About Favoritism In The Police
5. Political Neutrality In The Police
6. Policing Now VS Back In The Day
7. What Would You Do As The Chief Of Police
8. Stop And Frisk
9. Policing And New Technology
10. Thoughts On US Police Issues
11. Training Saved My Life
12. Kevin Parle
13. Hunting Kevin Parle
14. I’m Shrinking The World For Kevin Parle
15. Using Social Media To Find Kevin Parle
16. What’s Next After You Find Kevin Parle



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