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Paul Lindley - Nurturing A World of Healthy Beginnings


Paul Lindley is an award-winning British entrepreneur and children’s welfare campaigner. He founded organic baby and children’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen in 2006, and later launched organic toddler toiletries brand Paddy’s Bathroom. He also co-founded a social enterprise called The Key is E with former child soldier and international hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal, and was previously deputy managing director of Nickelodeon UK.

In this compelling episode, Paul joins Brian Rose at London Real’s studios to discuss why he became an entrepreneur, why society needs innovators and risk takers, the importance of thinking outside the box and his extensive thoughts on what can be done about the childhood obesity crisis facing so many countries.

Born in Zambia in 1967, Paul Lindley’s early life was marked by experiences that would later shape his entrepreneurial journey. After earning a degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, Lindley worked in various roles, gaining valuable insights into consumer behaviour and market dynamics. His passion for making a positive impact on society, coupled with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, set the stage for his foray into the world of business.

The inspiration for Ella’s Kitchen came from Lindley’s personal experiences as a father. Frustrated by the lack of healthy, convenient food options for his daughter, Ella, he saw an opportunity to create something unique. In 2006, Lindley founded Ella’s Kitchen with a mission to provide organic, nutritious, and convenient food for babies and toddlers.

The company’s commitment to using only natural ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, set it apart in the baby food market. The colourful packaging and innovative pouch format made the products not only nutritious but also appealing to young children. Lindley’s approach was not just about selling baby food; it was about fostering a positive relationship between children and healthy eating from the very start.

Paul Lindley’s vision extended beyond building a successful business; he aimed to leverage Ella’s Kitchen as a platform for positive social change. One of the company’s notable initiatives is the “Squaddies” program, where parents and children are encouraged to join a community focused on promoting healthy eating habits. Ella’s Kitchen also collaborates with organisations and initiatives that align with its commitment to children’s well-being.

In 2011, Lindley took his dedication to children’s nutrition to the next level by launching the “A to Z of Eating” campaign. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of establishing healthy eating habits early in life. Lindley’s advocacy work extended to various platforms, including speaking engagements and participation in forums addressing children’s health and nutrition.

Paul Lindley’s efforts have not gone unnoticed in the business world. Under his leadership, Ella’s Kitchen has received numerous awards for its innovative products, sustainable practices, and commitment to social responsibility. The company’s success has demonstrated that a business can thrive while prioritising ethical practices and making a positive impact on society.

Paul Lindley’s journey from frustrated parent to successful entrepreneur and advocate for children’s health exemplifies the transformative power of combining passion with business acumen. Ella’s Kitchen’s success has set a precedent for companies seeking to integrate social responsibility into their core values. Lindley’s legacy extends beyond the business realm; it serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Through his visionary leadership and commitment to children’s well-being, Paul has redefined the landscape of baby food and social entrepreneurship. Ella’s Kitchen stands as a testament to the notion that businesses can be a force for good, promoting healthy choices for the youngest members of society. Paul Lindley’s enduring influence serves as a beacon, inspiring others to consider the broader impact of their ventures and contribute to a world where every child has the opportunity for a healthy and nourishing start in life.


00:00 | Trailer
01:29 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:12 Brian’s introduction
04:51 Unlock your potential by rediscovering the skills you had with the mind-set of a toddler
08:56 Why Paul became an entrepreneur creating Ella’s Kitchen
12:12 Starting a company with a mission statement which inspires people to work with you
17:40 Creating a good relationship with food
21:02 Making the decision to listen to his own intuition to go with a new concept in toddler food
23:54 Society needs innovators, risk takers, thinking outside the box, thinking like a toddler
26:23 The decision to write his book Little Wins, with its messages for people at various stages in life
28:26 How people can take the concepts of being like a toddler38:00 Company culture reflected in customer experience
39:01 What Paul took into consideration when deciding to sell his company
42:19 Does every great company need to be linked to a charity
55:48 Executive producer and rap song writer
57:04 Why Paul named his companies after his children
58:48 How do you get Richard Branson to write the forward to your book
1:03:12 What can be done about child obesity
1:07:12 The strategies we need to adopt to cope with the increasing demands of our busy lives
1:10:17 Play is essential for adults
1:13:12 Success secrets
1:14:12 What Paul has changed his mind about over the last six months
1:17:26 What keeps Paul awake at night
1:19:57 Phone call to the 20 year old Paul Lindley
1:21:24 Best advice Paul ever received
1:23:43 Phone call to the 20 year old around the world who would like to be like Paul
1:25:20 Brian’s summing up.


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