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Oren Klaff - How To Pitch Anything


What changed since our last interview. Talking at Tony Robbin’s stage. Why I like the big stages of 5000 people. When you have a message to give, it makes a difference. $100,000 engagement. Transforming people’s perspective of what is possible with their perspective. How I start all my speeches. Asking for $50m is something at the edge of the human experience. People want what they can’t have. People chase that which runs away from them. People only value that which they pay for. The buyer is programmed to say maybe or no. Hijacking the investor’s process and making it our process. Be yourself ‚Äì horrible advice. Information has no convincing power in today’s world. When going into a pitch, you give people ideas. Make yourself the centre of the world for information they need to get ahead in their business. Pitching vs Selling Status and social proof. How to start a pitch? 2 kinds of pitching. Pitching to raise money. When to talk first. Important to run the pitch professionally. Take charge. Only speak for as long as you are compelling. Bring the size of your presentation down so that people are riveted at the edge of their seats. Have to provide insights. Oh yeah, that makes sense. Video you. Take picture of your slide. I did not think of the world in that way. But now you explained it in that way, I understand why something has been going wrong and something has been going right. The Greatest American Hero. Helping people to understand some of the randomness in life. Not just new information but information that they feel is usable and simple and accessible. What do you say to people who think I don’t pitch. You need resources to do things. You need people to agree with your perspective. Vacation pitch. Why go to Hawaii now. Pitching is American. The things that tantalises the brain receptors work everywhere. Offer somebody something, and then tell them they can’t have it. They will really want it. NPR. Receptors in the brain. I need simple things that work. Easy to do. Simple to measure and manage. High value response. If you write me a cheque‚ Given them the opportunity. Don’t give away free opportunity. Pitching and pickup. Peacocking. Negs Oren 10 years ago. Internal talk gets externalised. Little Oren needs to go take a seat. Big Oren is up. 3 biggest mistakes when going into a pitch. Make the pitch a practised presentation. Make the pitch sound fresh. How long to practice a pitch. With a slide deck, and a clicker, you should be able to click without looking. At slide 6. And then this happens. $8Billion dollar fades away if you don’t do this right. Never lost eye contact. Confidence monitor. Losing energy and rapport and transactional equity when looking back to the slides. No pencil. No paper. No pen. No briefcase. Going down to the mat. Billionaire, zero-inaire. Billion dollar bridges gets sold in 20 minutes. The less stuff you taking, the better your presentation. If I’m pitching you, I guarantee you buying something you don’t necessary want to own. Edutainment. Intensity. Have to get the humour and humility up to continue to amp up the intensity. Comedy. Sample presentation on a mop. Lindsay Lohan’s mini bar tab. We could be King. Philadelphia high school football team. Hunger and humble. Hunger and humility. You are controlling the social environment, but you have to make them happy to want to be there. I can’t pitch a tent. Take out the neediness. Take out the thank you. Take out time. Less is more. Stop displaying weak behaviours. Let the big boy come out. Begging. Present a “new” problem. Most people present a solution. Why the obvious choice will lead to problems. Introduce new information. Make the logical choice will lead to problems. Pitches that didn’t go well. Speaking to the Houston Texas Utility Association. Meeting Emmitt Smith. OMG are you Randall Cunningham? Talking to 3 old ladies. Red flags. Series A in Silicon Valley. Not familiar with the territory. Not understanding how buyers buy. None of what I see and half of what I hear. Understand the buyer’s process. Not going to break a buyer’s process. How venture capital firm works. Andreessen Horowitz. We are in a bull market in tech. They have so much deal flow. They get the best supplies. They get the premium deals. They get the first looks. Success secret. What does your family think of you, pitch anything? Advice to the 18 year old Oren. Best advice ever received. Advice for the 20 year old out there. What resources do you have for people. This is my art form and I care that people do this well.

Oren Klaff is a renowned investment banker, author, and expert in deal-making who has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of finance and negotiation. Best known for his groundbreaking book “Pitch Anything,” Klaff has pioneered a fresh approach to deal-making that combines neuroscience, psychology, and strategic communication. In this episode, Oren Klaff joins host Brian Rose in studio to talk about his background, the core principles of his pitching methodology and the lasting impact he has made on the art of strategic persuasion.

Born in Southern California, Oren Klaff’s journey into finance was not a conventional one. Despite earning a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Klaff found his true calling in the dynamic world of deal-making and investments. His early career included stints in various financial roles, where he gained practical experience and developed a keen understanding of the intricacies of negotiations.

Oren Klaff rose to prominence with the release of “Pitch Anything” in 2011, a book that would revolutionise the way individuals approach presentations and deal-making. Klaff introduced a unique methodology that challenged traditional norms, emphasising the need to understand the neuroscience behind how people process information during pitches.

At the core of Klaff’s methodology is the STRONG method, an acronym representing the key stages of a successful pitch:

Setting the Frame: Klaff emphasises the importance of establishing a powerful frame from the outset, allowing the pitcher to control the narrative and set the terms of the conversation.

Telling the Story: Klaff recognises the potency of storytelling in communication. Crafting a compelling narrative helps create an emotional connection with the audience and makes the pitch more memorable.

Revealing the Intrigue: Introducing an element of curiosity or intrigue captivates the audience’s attention, making the pitch more engaging and memorable.

Offering the Prize: Presenting the pitch as a unique opportunity or prize adds value and urgency, making it more attractive to the audience.

Nailing the Hook Point: Identifying and capitalising on the moment when the audience becomes fully engaged, known as the hook point, is crucial for a successful pitch.

Getting the Deal: The ultimate goal of any pitch is to close the deal. Klaff provides insights into navigating the negotiation process with confidence and strategic communication.

Oren Klaff’s “Pitch Anything” has had a profound impact on professionals across various industries, transforming the way they approach presentations and deal-making. His innovative methodology has been adopted by entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate leaders seeking to enhance their persuasion skills.

Beyond the book, Klaff’s influence extends to his role as a sought-after speaker and consultant. He has shared his expertise in negotiation and strategic persuasion through lectures, workshops, and consulting engagements, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and organisations looking to excel in the art of deal-making.

Oren Klaff’s journey from a background in biological sciences to a leading authority in finance and negotiation underscores his ability to disrupt conventional thinking. Through “Pitch Anything,” Klaff has not only provided a blueprint for effective pitches but has also sparked a paradigm shift in how individuals understand and approach strategic persuasion. As a thought leader, speaker, and advocate for innovative deal-making, Oren Klaff continues to shape the landscape of negotiations, leaving an indelible mark on the world of finance and business.


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