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Mooji - An Invitation To Freedom


Step Into The Fire of Self-Discovery

Mooji is a spiritual teacher originally from Jamaica. He moved to Brixton in London as a teenager and became a street portrait artist in the West End, and later taught art at a local college. In 1987 at a chance meeting with a Christian mystic, he had a life-changing encounter through prayer, that brought him into the direct experience of the Supreme within. This inspired him to “walk out of his life” and in 1993 he embarked on a spiritual journey through India, eventually landing at the feet of the man who became his Master, the late Sri HWL Poonja, AKA Papaji. Following in his footsteps Mooji now regularly conduct large Satsang gatherings throughout the world, sharing self-inquiry and directing his students to question, who or what they are at the deepest level.

Who is God? — Mooji Extends an Invitation to Go Within

According to Mooji, his spiritual path began when he trained as a Christian mystic. The prayers that he prayed during this time led him to ask several questions and to look within on a deeper level.

He asked questions of himself and his inner reality, the existence of God if God exists, and if so, who God is. While the profundity of the answers Mooji received can’t be boiled down to a single answer, what he came away with is that all is one, and we are all a part of this “all”.

While that might sound like a riddle, it really is the kind of thing that you can only understand through contemplation and learning to be one with the present moment.

Mooji goes into depth about this in his episode and explains how everyone has a responsibility to go within and raise their consciousness. If we all do this, the world’s consciousness will rise and can lead to tremendous change as a result.

The Ego Clouds Our Judgment

Not only are we all one, but any separation between life and death are also merely an illusion. We’re collectively part of the same being that is experiencing itself, and this happens in the present moment.

When you can learn to be one with the present moment rather than rejecting it out of fear, past hurts and future worries, you will be able to experience this oneness, which many Christians refer to as the Kingdom of Heaven.

One way to experience this, which Mooji advocates, is through a meditative practice.

Meditation is a spiritual process that helps you to free yourself of the ego’s grip on your thinking, being and way of life. This can be done as yoga, or can be done by simply learning to be still and calm, and watching your breathing.

By doing this, you can detach from the voice in your head that is filled with monotonous chatter, fear and insecurity — otherwise known as the ego.

When you meditate and continuously come back to the recognition that we are one and that the only real thing is the present moment, you can quiet the ego and live at peace.

Keep Seeking Answers

When you can live at peace in the present moment, you will be better able to show up in your life and have abundance and joy. This sets a strong foundation for you to follow your dreams and live whatever life you choose.

Mooji has dedicated his life to these principles and how we can all live them.


00:00 | Trailer
02:28 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:46 | Brian’s introduction
05:40 | What a Satsang gathering is all about
15:09 | His experience of being in ruins of “the Beatles Ashram”
20:35 | What he means by the term “beings”
21:47 | Simply self enquiry concept and the start of his own search in seeking answers
31:10 | A prayer for him, led to a deep peace when he knew he had met God
40:39 | Mooji goes to India solely to meet Sri Ramakrishna and is led to Papaji
47:49 | His time with Papaji experiencing transformative changes in himself
1:02:03 | London and beginning to help those seeking their personal self
1:09:44 | Explanation of his idea of the myth of the personal self
1:10:39 | The Invitation to Freedom came by grace from God and is helping thousands
1:15:31 | What, or who, is God
1:18:24 | The evolutionary characteristics of someone who is growing in the spirit
1:23:17 | Peeling away the cataract of illusory identity so that one sees from the truth of oneself
1;32;52 | How a week-long retreat Satsang is the best environment to investigate your truth
1:36:18 | For some, in seeking their truth, it is hard when they release suppressed feelings
1:41:25 | What it was like growing up in Jamaica in the 1950s
1:47:06 | Moving to Brixton London where his sister was involved in the Brixton Riots
2:00:54 | What it is like to be Mooji
2:08:01 | An online Satsang with a series of questions taken from people on social media
2:08:45 | Does time exist as we believe it
2:09:21 | Are love, life, truth, death and God all the same thing
2:13:44 | If someone is paralysed by depression what can they do
2:17:49 | How can someone be unconditionally loving
2:19:53 | How can a person overcome anger
2:22:53 | What is the best way to find inner peace when living in a busy city like London
2:23:47 | I often feel loneliness and fear
I would like to leave those feelings, but they feel stuck onme
How can I help myself
2:26:11 | How is it possible to open my heart in a world that is so full of violence and anger
2:29:41 Success secrets
2:30:14 What he sees as the possibilities for the crushed egos in his favourite TV show
2:32:04 | How can one reconcile the modern goal driven life with one having more of a zen attitude
2:34:22 | Can anyone become enlightened
2:35:37 | Is enlightenment realty all that great
Is it worth chasing
2:37:26 | He would like to see all people who are consciously open and searching for truth, find it
2:40:32 |Does Mooji believe in karma and reincarnation
2:42:36 | What does Mooji think about drugs
2:46:10 | Has Mooji seen aliens
2:48:18 | What Mooji wished had also been part of this Satsang
2:50:58 | What does Mooji believe he will be doing in ten years-time
2:53:57 | What scares Mooji
2:58:20 | What keeps him awake at night
2:58:53 | What we would be surprised to learn about Mooji
3:00:53 | Phone call to the twenty-year old Mooji
3:05:02 | Best advice he ever received
3:07:33 | Advice to the young people watching across the world who want to understand themselves
3:09:38 | Brian’s summing up.


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