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Mo Gawdat - Scary Smart: The Future Of Artificial Intelligence & How You Can Save Our World


Entrepreneur & Writer

Artificial Intelligence technology is growing at an exponential rate. Rudimentary forms of AI have played a significant part in our lives for some time, but what happens over the next decade or less will fundamentally change the very fabric of society and the future of humanity.

There are currently many philosophers, engineers, intellectual thinkers and no doubt spiritual leaders aside from the governments of the world, who are currently wrestling with the rapid growth of AI and the overarching dilemma of how to ensure we build a superintelligence that is compassionate and human friendly while working for the greater good.

As today’s guest puts it, these machines will represent the first players to create “a rupture in the fabric of human history.” The big question is, what are the implications of this when the potential scenarios that could evolve are endless?

Mo Gawdat is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, happiness expert and the former Chief Business Officer at Google X. He spent 30 years of his working life right at the epicentre of the technology industry with some of the most prominent organisations on the planet that included IBM and Microsoft before spending over a decade at Google’s “moonshot factory” of innovation.

Mo points out that our long-lived superiority is about to change course, and we will no longer be the dominant intelligence on the planet. The really crazy part is this transition is already in the works and has gone past the point of no return.

In fact, right now a number of leading figures in technology and academia are calling for an immediate pause in the development of the leading AI systems until the risks are properly understood.

“By 2049 AI will be a billion times more intelligent than humans.”

Mo, for his part, is well-placed to weigh in on the conversation. As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded over 20 businesses and served on the board of a number of technology platforms. And, after the tragic loss of his son Ali in 2014, he turned his attention to researching the key to happiness, writing the bestselling book – Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy.

His mission became simple in premise, but challenging at large, to help one billion people become happier, inspired and living with purpose. From here he created the hugely popular podcast – Slo Mo – where through his conversations with great minds, he explores the profound questions and obstacles we all face in the pursuit of a joyful life.

It is exactly this kind of deep thinking and concern for humanity, coupled with unparalleled experience in the world of technology, that makes Mo such a rational and well-informed candidate to discuss the potentiality of AI and what the future holds.

In 2021, Mo released his second book, Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World, where he takes a deep dive into the most worrisome aspects of this groundbreaking moment for civilisation while exploring a roadmap for humanity’s co-existence with AI.

Mo believes that AI is putting humanity at risk and that we all need to wake up and take notice of this unprecedented technology. More significantly, it is our collective responsibility to determine the impact artificial intelligence will have on the future.

The book has become more relevant than ever as the world realises the potential of technologies such as ChatGPT and Mo argues that we need to approach AI with caution while emphasising the importance of human values in guiding its development.

“As we compete commercially and politically to create superior machine intelligence, AI will sooner or later become smarter than we are. That is inevitable.”

Mo is also the co-founder of Unstressable where the goal is to help one million people avoid stress, anxiety and burnout every year. And as burnout may become a thing of the past due to AI taking over the workforce, the other two symptoms might reach unprecedented levels!

I can’t wait to head down the rabbit hole with Mo! He brings a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and happiness, and he genuinely cares about our future. He has inspired millions of people around the world, and I can’t wait to get his take on what our future looks like and the myriad of ethical dilemmas the rise of the machines will bring.


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  1. The A.I. genie is already out of the bottle
  2. The singularity is closer than you think
  3. Will A.I. have emotions?
  4. Is A.I. afraid of dying?
  5. A.I. could be both the best and worst thing that will happen to humanity
  6. Why we can’t shut down ChatGPT anymore
  7. A.I. is writing its own code now
  8. This is why I left Google X
  9. Our fate is no longer in our hands
  10. The three stages of A.I.
  11. Will humans start to attack A.I. in the future?
  12. We will be role models for A.I.
  13. A.I. will grow up to be just like you and me
  14. A.I. is listening right now
  15. We are creating a sentient form of life
  16. Where will Mo be after the singularity?
  17. Will our kids be an extension of A.I.?
  18. We have to be good parents to A.I.


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