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Watch > Episode > Michael Rosmer - DEFIYIELD: The Wall St. Era is Over! How To Control Your Digital Assets & Invest Safely

Michael Rosmer - DEFIYIELD: The Wall St. Era is Over! How To Control Your Digital Assets & Invest Safely


Co-Founder of DEFIYIELD

As the cryptocurrency and DeFi sectors continue to push their way into the mainstream, more and more consumer investors are looking for a platform that helps simplify the management of their blockchain finance assets.

Whether it be NFTs, stablecoin management or alt coin portfolio management, finding solutions that allow a generalist audience to access financial innovations has become a priority for the sector.

Which is where DEFIYIELD comes in.

Often described as the Metamask the sector needs, DEFIYIELD is already revolutionising the way that non-retail investors are managing their portfolios, which is why I am incredibly excited to welcome Michael Rosmer, the platform’s Co-Founder to the hotseat today at London Real HQ.

An entrepreneur, investment strategist, and expert in international tax and law, Michael is all too well-versed in the pitfalls of what is a volatile, rapidly-evolving space.

DEFIYIELD is recognised as one of the safest and most secure investing dashboards in the DeFi space, allowing users to manage their assets across blockchains, thus generating returns in crypto and access the best token swap rates.

DEFIYIELD is looking to bring as many people into the DeFi space as possible, whilst simultaneously ensuring that mass audiences can benefit from the potential rewards in the safest and most secure manner possible. Their technologically complex, yet easy to navigate ecosystem, has been built by the foremost experts in yield farming, which offers one of the best-in-class user experiences for managing liquidity pools, NFTs and consolidated, multi-coin portfolios.

The benefits of DEFIYIELD are myriad, and their Investing Dashboard is the only security dashboard that combines effective crypto asset management with a built-in safety infrastructure that enables users to manage DeFi risk. And what makes their solution even more attractive is its interoperability, with DEFIYIELD being designed from the ground up to be compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Solana and Polkadot, as well as all non-EVM-compatible chains.

Alongside this, additional tools such as the REKT database, audit database, smart contract scanner and an impermanent loss calculator offer the peace of mind that is far from commonplace in this burgeoning sector.

Michael for his part has focused much of his career on what he describes as international financial optimisation, assisting businesses to gain greater financial efficiency, security, and flexibility by taking advantage of international differences in law, pricing and infrastructure.

He is also an incredibly successful entrepreneur and investment strategist who wants to help companies grow their wealth “predictably rather than by luck.” As the founder of Offshore Citizen, his expertise in international law helps businesses and individuals work, live and play without boundaries.

Many businesses are limiting themselves and missing the opportunity to benefit from international commerce by failing to understand the legalities, tax rules and regulations offered by the differing approaches that nations around the globe adopt. Michael’s goal is to ensure people can take advantage of opportunities while understanding the legalities and due process.

At DEFIYIELD, this knowledge and understanding has been paramount to their success in offering customers an investment platform with limited risk. In 2021, the number of funds in DeFi went from approximately $19 Billion to $258 Billion and alongside that a significant spike in scams and malicious activity.

Which is why I am so passionate about helping and educating the next billion people to get informed about the opportunities in crypto and DeFi and play their part in the Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

My team and I are going “ALL IN” on this groundbreaking technology and infrastructure which is why we plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, broadcasting, understanding, educating, investing in, profiting from, and TRANSFORMING this incredible new marketplace.

Ultimately this is about freedom. The freedom to make your own financial choices without having to be regulated, taxed, and fleeced by banks, governments and middlemen.

This is about having your right to privacy and ownership of your financial information.

This is about having your right to the best prices, best options and best innovative solutions for your financial planning.

Michael believes what we’re going through right now “is probably the biggest financial revolution of the last 100 years” and with that comes both the good and the bad.

His goal is to make sure you understand the bigger picture, free of biases, so you are able to take advantage of investment opportunities in the safest and most secure manner possible, something I couldn’t agree more with.

I look forward to you joining me for what promises to be another incredible episode in this crypto and DeFi journey.

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  1. DeFi is democratising finance
  2. We don’t need a bank’s permission
  3. Why you want to hold crypto in times of crisis
  4. Why you want self-custody
  5. The start of DEFIYEILD
  6. Crypto rug pulls
  7. We’ll have 30+ chains on DEFIYIELD
  8. The reporting in DEFIYIELD
  9. Tracking gas prices in DEFIYIELD
  10. Protocol analysis in DEFIYIELD
  11. Defi hacks, scams and exploits
  12. What’s coming next for DEFIYIELD
  13. Taxation in crypto
  14. A lot of wealth is wasted on wealthy people
  15. Regulation is definitely coming
  16. If you care about freedom you should care about crypto


00:00 | Trailer.
02:44 | Brian’s introduction.
04:14 | How Michael Rosmer sees the emergence of DeFi.
09:46 | The evolution from Web 2.0 to 3.0.
15:31 | The world events which make people think about the trust protocol they have in their finances and about crypto assets or DeFi as a new option.
23:49 | The concept of self-custody.
32:48 | How the issues Michael Rosmer identified on his own Crypto investment journey that led to the forming of DEFIYIELD .
39:07 | When he realised that from his bad experience described in his book The Wall Street Era Is Over, virtually everyone would be using his dashboard.
42:27 | DEFIYIELD front page illustrates it offers users a place they can see all their investments and do all Crypto investing easily and safely.
48:51 | How to look at liquidity pools, what yield farming is and how DEFIYIELD shows the yield farming opportunities.
53:18 | The impermanent loss calculator on DEFIYIELD.
54:47 | The gas fees indicator.
56:27 | The benefits of using the DEFIYIELD dashboard.
1:00:18 | What information the protocol scanning offers to investors and what a honey pot is.
1:09:47 | Michael Rosmer explains the REKT database.
1:12:00 | Attack factors, what a flash loan is and what rug pulls are.
1:16:19 | The next Road Map developments for DEFIYIELD.
1:20:46 | Further thoughts on the app.
1:22:27 | Partners investing in DEFIYIELD.
1:23:32 | What people need to think about tax and Crypto.
1:30:39 | Why Michael Rosmer is frustrated by the wealthy people who waste their money.
1:35:06 | Taxation of DAOs.
1:37:09 | What needs to be understood about regulation and the actions to take.
1:47:31 | Final thoughts from Michael Rosmer and how to learn more about, or use DEFIYFIELD.
1:50:02 | Brian’s summing up.


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