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Watch > Episode > Michael Hearne - Uncensored Crypto Docuseries: Chronicling the Greatest Technology, Social & Economic Revolution in History

Michael Hearne - Uncensored Crypto Docuseries: Chronicling the Greatest Technology, Social & Economic Revolution in History


Free Docuseries Exposes New Trillion-Dollar Mega-Trend Bigger Than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Or Any One Cryptocurrency

Through the countless conversations I’ve had here on London Real, one of the recurring themes that has come up time and again is the idea of change. Be it a change in attitude towards how we live, work or most importantly see the world.

In this technological age we now find ourselves, we have seen the democratisation of information, the opportunity for anyone, myself included, to create content and share knowledge and ideas with like-minded people from all corners of the globe. It truly is an amazing time to be alive and one that is slowly but surely creating what is possibly the most necessary transformation in humanity’s rich history, that of money and wealth creation.

For too long, 99% percent of the global population has watched on from the sidelines as a small handful of people have continued to revel in generational wealth, while single-handedly controlling the distribution of financial services. It is unfair and responsible for the huge divisions we see across society today.

It is of course one of the foremost reasons why I have been so excited by what I am seeing with the rise of cryptocurrency and the extraordinary growth we’ve seen in decentralised finance and the blockchain industry.

Today’s guest is someone who, like me, believes we are sitting on the cusp of a new dawn. In fact, he believes it is the greatest technological, social, and economic revolution of all time. I’m truly excited to sit down and share ideas about what the future holds and why this represents such an incredible opportunity for people everywhere from all walks of life and could spark a lasting change that prioritises the many, not the few.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Henry Ford

Michael Hearne is in his own words a serial entrepreneur, but that doesn’t quite do justice to his remarkable story of triumph over adversity. He is a man with a 15-year track record of taking companies to new levels, breaking the boundaries of innovation and being smack bang in the middle of industry change be it in the finance, health or digital landscape.

After starting his first business in a tiny apartment next to a crackhouse, conquering setbacks, and pushing through failures, Michael pulled his family out of poverty and became the creative and resilient entrepreneur he is today and in what may prove to be his greatest achievement yet, is the creator and host of an incredible new documentary series called ‘Uncensored Crypto’.

‘Uncensored Crypto’ will pull back the curtain to reveal how and why everyone can and must wake up to this incredible opportunity to create the kind of wealth you’ve only dreamed of. Of course, there’s so much more to it than that, and as Michael sits down with over 50 experts and insiders of which I was one, the series will delve deep into this disruptive industry that is sending shockwaves through the establishment.

We’re still in the first inning and as crypto goes mainstream, trillions of dollars will flood in, sending prices parabolic. As it stands only an estimated 3.9% of people own any crypto. And of that, only a fraction know what’s really going on in the industry. As Michael himself puts it “something far bigger, far more disruptive, and far more profitable is bubbling beneath the surface… and those who remain ignorant to what’s going on will miss the greatest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetime.”

It’s an incredible series and something I was honoured to be involved in. Michael for his part is an excellent storyteller, a serial winner and a man who can spot change in its absolute infancy. He is a disruptor and he’s incredibly passionate about spreading knowledge far and wide.

This is an opportunity that for those who’ve been following London Real this past year will know only too well. ‘Uncensored Crypto’, with Michael at the helm, offers the final piece of the jigsaw, and I for one can’t wait to sit down and find out exactly how this series came to fruition and what lies in store over the course of this much anticipated nine-part series.

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A number of clips from this exclusive interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word: grab these clips today!

  1. Uncensored Crypto 9 Part Docuseries
  2. The birth of Bitcoin
  3. Crypto sceptics are wrong
  4. The rise of DeFi
  5. The sovereign individual concept
  6. Web 3.0 and financial freedom
  7. DeFi is absolutely unstoppable
  8. Will we all become NFTs?
  9. NFTs are the gateway drug to crypto
  10. Crypto will be an extension of human rights
  11. My son has a real business inside a game
  12. The dark side of crypto
  13. Take the first step


00:00 | Trailer.
02:47 | Brian’s introduction.
04:32 | How Michael feels about having completed filming 9 episodes of his documentary series explaining crypto.
08:53 | Film clip: exploring the opportunity which currently exists in the DeFi space.
11:15 | A list of the nine episodes.
12:50 | Episode 1: a micro condensed version of the history and what is the blockchain and some of the categories.
16:03 | Michael wanted to provide this information to show why it is inevitable because of the superior technology.
20:09 | Episode 5: DeFi – The human story which inspired Michael Hearne.
27:11 | Episode 6: The sovereign individual and the concept of freedom. Why it was important to tell the story and what he saw.
38:51 | Film clip: Censorship.
42:33 | The metaverse what Michael Hearne discovered about this and its potential of which NFTs are only one part but have many possibilities.
55:09 | Film clip: The metaverse
57:58 | Anyone who thinks the metaverse isn’t feasible is not part of the younger generation.
1:00:41 | The concept of an open vs a closed metaverse.
1:02:31 | Episode 8: The dark side of crypto.
1:11:26 | Final perspective Michael Hearne gained from this project for people new to this space.
1:19:04 | What is next for Michael Hearne after this premiere.
1:21:14 | Brian’s summing up.


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