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Matt Willis - Busted


We all dream of success, but only a few of us are prepared for it when it actually happens. Matt Willis, bass player from Busted and McBusted bands, experienced success very young, and was selling out big arenas while he was still a teenager. He had to grow up in public, and it wasn’t always easy. One of the things that will strike you about Matt is his emotional intelligence. His journey from rock and roll burnout, to a healthy, mature father is an incredible story, and offers a glimpse of a very different, more wholesome kind of success. Matt goes right to the beginning of his journey in this conversation. From starting out as a teenager with big dreams of success, to having a number one album and playing massive arenas like Wembley Stadium – it’s a rollercoaster. The songs and touring, girls, drink and drugs all follow. For a long time, Matt’s success got him through his struggles with addiction. After the breakup of Busted, Matt Willis wrestled with his demons, and his persona as the fun, hedonistic party guy soon got old. VIP invites died away and family members worried for his future. But Matt is a smart guy, and he had enough awareness to say enough is enough when the right moment came. Having a baby daughter and a loving wife finally woke him up to his self-destruction. For anyone who has struggled with self-esteem issues or addiction, Matt’s story reveals the key to finally beating substance abuse. We also talk about the industry, his future like one of the Busted band members and his dreams of being an actor. Matt is now a balanced, charming and fascinating creative businessman, who does what he does for the love, not the money. As he says himself, all the negatives in his journey as an artist and performer have now become a powerful positive, as he reflects his story in his creativity. How old is Matt Willis. He is an inspiring young man to talk to, and I know you guys are going to love him. I absolutely loved having Matt in studio.


08:19 Brian’s introduction.
09:11 A long-time fan of London Real.
10:09 Un-British to open your mind to all different things.
11:01 Why is Britain so anti-success?
11:40 Self-loathing.
16:24 Brit Awards and next few years and why Busted ended.
18:46 A love of performing.
19:58 Being your worse critic – driver to never being completely happy.
22:09 Brian’s McBusted story. Watching them performing and Matt building a relationship with the audience.
27:49 Six guys becoming a cohesive act.
31:45 Why did the McBusted with McFly group stop?
41:28 Cutting a new album, what is it like?
43:54 Self-funding, does it change the music as opposed to having label backing?
47:03 What does a good producer bring to the making of a brilliant recording?
50:58 What does this year look like?
51:56 Tour announced and sold out in one hour.
53:06 Matt’s thoughts on big labels. Will they still be around in five years?
57:22 Addiction to Rehab. What did Matt learn about himself that got him through all that?
1:19:28 Fitness training.
1:28:46 Relationship with food.
1:30:28 What is it like being married to someone else in the media?
1:34:27 The lure of Los Angeles.
1:36:49 Acting career.
1:37:06 Going to Theatre School.
1:40:49 Amy Winehouse – a beautiful tragic person.
1:45:50 Kurt Cobain documentary. Does the music industry breed these addiction problems?
1:57:25 Podcasts – why are they such a powerful medium?
2:03:02 Success secrets.
2:03:50 Phone call to the 20 year old Matt Willis.
2:05:15 Best advice ever received.
2:06:38 To the 20 year old who wants to be a rock star, what do you tell him?


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