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Watch > Episode > Mark Yusko - Bitcoin, Inflation & Why Blockchain & DeFi Are The Greatest Wealth Creation Opportunity Of Our Lifetime

Mark Yusko - Bitcoin, Inflation & Why Blockchain & DeFi Are The Greatest Wealth Creation Opportunity Of Our Lifetime


Founder, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital

The world around us is changing at an incredible rate and there are so many opportunities for wealth creation around those who are innovating in tech, blockchain, crypto and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Jeff Bezos once said, “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.“ And that statement could pretty much sum up the journey crypto and blockchain technology have been on up to now.

The level of misunderstanding alongside misleading messages in the mainstream is matched only by the incredible scale of innovation we’ve seen, at least for those who’ve looked closely enough.

Today’s guest is someone who has looked very closely. In fact, it’s his job to seek out the disruptors and game changers that are shaping our future world. Mark Yusko is an accomplished financial expert and entrepreneur, and the Founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management and Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital.

His impressive career in institutional investing began with his role as Senior Investment Director for the University of Notre Dame Investment Office. There, he gained experience in alternative asset classes and helped to pioneer the Endowment Model of investing.

Mark went on to become the CIO and Founder of UNC Management Company (UNCMC), where he continued to implement that same model and achieved significant performance gains for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s endowment.

This model became the cornerstone philosophy of Morgan Creek Capital Management, which Mark founded in 2004 and today manages nearly $2 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets.

Mark’s dedication to investing in innovation has driven the success of Morgan Creek and in 2018 he founded Morgan Creek Digital Assets, an early-stage investor in blockchain technology, digital currency, and digital assets. Through this new venture, Mark once again found himself at the forefront of institutional investing.

“The greatest wealth is created by being an early investor in innovation. Making that investment requires believing in something before the majority of people understand it. You will be mocked, ridiculed & criticised for your non-consensus action. It is absolutely worth it!”

Mark’s extensive knowledge and experience make him a leader in the financial industry and his expertise and opinion are regularly featured across a range of networks including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business, alongside newspapers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

In a nutshell, Mark believes that the transition to the Blockchain standard as the core infrastructure for exchanging value is the biggest investment opportunity of a generation. Mark says that cryptocurrency and blockchain are an evolution of technology and that we’re coming to the peak of a 14 year cycle that has played out many times before and is invariably driven by young people who pursue innovation and new technology in a fearless manner.

As Mark points out, this will see $700 trillion of global assets digitised on blockchains all around the world in a way that everyone will be able to interact with. Of course that also means all of the traditional financial services will be recreated in this new technology.

I’ve been telling you for a long time now that the levels of innovation taking place are off the charts and there is so much opportunity in our midst. I for one can’t wait to take a deep dive with Mark and find out exactly what he thinks the rest of 2023 has in store for us.

“It’s the greatest wealth creation opportunity I’m going to see in my lifetime. It will create more wealth than the internet. It’ll create more wealth than the mobile net. It is the greatest innovation of this century.”


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  1. Innovation drove the creation of wealth
  2. The potential of blockchain technology
  3. Blockchain busts the monopoly of traditional finance
  4. Blockchain will fundamentally change how humans interact
  5. With Web3 we own our data
  6. The banks are fighting with regulations against crypto
  7. I’m confident that the tech will win
  8. The purpose of FTX was to destabilize crypto and slow down adoption
  9. I draw my conclusions from data
  10. Are we really in a crypto winter?
  11. Tribalism is hurting the blockchain space
  12. Blockchain will revolutionize finance
  13. Innovation is a gift
  14. Making and losing money
  15. Digital wallets will be a big feature of Web3
  16. Innovation creates jobs, it doesn’t destroy them
  17. A.I. still has a long way to go to reach its potential
  18. We should seek out and debate people with opposite views


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