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Watch > Episode > Mario Nawfal - The King of X Spaces on Citizen Journalism, Censorship & Elon Musk

Mario Nawfal - The King of X Spaces on Citizen Journalism, Censorship & Elon Musk


Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

“I’m trying to keep it fact based, so I removed the bias that’s present in the mainstream media. We don’t have that bias.”

I’ve met so many incredible people here in Dubai, it’s amazing how far the needle has shifted in recent years. Technological and financial innovation is at the heart of everything that is happening in this incredible city and entrepreneurs and creators are flocking from every corner of the globe.

Today’s show features a guest who is a great example of this. Mario Nawfal is a blockchain expert and angel investor turned citizen journalist who has rapidly become the biggest name on X Spaces. It’s quite a rise for a man who just over a decade ago was selling blenders door-to-door in his homeland Australia.

Mario was born and raised in Lebanon, before his family migrated to Australia seeking better opportunities. His academic journey led him to major in banking and finance at university, but he felt the urge to do more with his life. Taking a bold step, he dropped out to forge his path as an entrepreneur.

Mario’s first business venture was Froothie, a now globally recognised brand he started from nothing and focuses on making high spec kitchen appliances, promoting healthier lifestyles, and after a year of trade, a multi-million dollar turnover.

The secret to Mario’s success, he says, lies not just in his relentless nature and work ethic, but also the timing. Mario emphasises how crucial this is for any business and its reflected in his renowned consulting firm, International Blockchain Consulting (IBC), which he launched during the crypto boom.

As such many of Mario’s ventures go beyond the conventional, spanning e-bikes and hoverboards to biohacking and the metaverse, and he openly advocates for “breaking the rules,” and a strategic approach that involves doing things others are not willing to.

In the landscape of saturated markets, Mario advises against reinventing the wheel. Instead, he suggests replicating what works but with a unique twist. This principle is evident in his marketing agency, We Are Growth Hackers.

While the pandemic posed significant challenges for businesses worldwide, Mario’s ventures thrived, especially in the e-commerce and crypto spaces. Being in the right place at the right time and capitalising on the situation is the order of the day.

And that has led Mario to where he finds himself right now, hosting the most informed breaking news platform on the internet and interviewing the likes of Elon Musk, Hunter Biden, Tucker Carlson and Sam Bankman-Fried, amongst a plethora of other informed and controversial commentators dealing with the day’s hot topics.

It has been a revelation, and led to an army of “citizen journalists” following suit. The key once again is timing. Mario saw an opportunity and like so many others had grown tired of the mainstream outlets, the openly biased narratives and notwithstanding the efforts to censor all who question the norm.

The Roundtable Live and the other Spaces that Mario hosts on X, covering cryptocurrency and finance, artificial intelligence, and of course the biggest news stories from Jeffrey Epstein, the War in Gaza and the non stop back and forth in the US election battle, has seen his stock rise considerably as millions of people tune in on a weekly basis.

I can’t wait for this one, Mario is a fascinating guy who throws his all behind every project he’s involved in. He’s relentless and a bundle of energy and ideas. He spots opportunities where others would not and regularly finds himself in the beating heart of the action.

“I think there’s three industries that I’m really fascinated by and I’m really bullish on, Web3 crypto, AI, and biohacking and anti-aging, which I think hasn’t reached its hype phase yet.”

He’s an expert in blockchain technology and well versed in the crypto space, so I can’t wait to dive into the Bitcoin ETF and regulatory issues, while looking ahead to the forthcoming bull market. There’s so much too talk about, so make sure to tune in live and share the link with friends and family alike.

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  1. Voices Unheard – Why my X Space is a beacon for freedom of speech
  2. I’m no the arbiter of truth, the audience is
  3. My X Space challenges people with open communication
  4. Open dialogue – The key to problem-solving and overcoming ignorance
  5. Countries where I will be killed
  6. The underrated power of dialogue
  7. How Elon Musk endorses my fearless journalism
  8. People underestimate how censored our world is
  9. Why old ways of covering the news are no longer sustainable
  10. Truth vs Misinformation
  11. The most outrageous smear campaign against my reputation
  12. The call for individual journalism
  13. Juggling journalism and business
  14. What hurt me the most
  15. The unfortunate lack of awareness
  16. From financial security to prioritising health
  17. The power of collaboration in media
  18. My advice for breaking free from biases and influences


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