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Marianne Williamson - Our Deepest Fear


Inspiring Miracles

Every now and then I meet a guest who leaves me speechless. This week’s guest, however, left me breathless. Marianne Williamson is a spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer and she’s also one of the only people I know who has made Oprah Winfrey cry.

Our deepest fear

You might know Marianne from the famous quote that begins: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure…”
This quote is usually attributed to Nelson Mandela, but it is actually taken from Marianne’s New York Times best-selling book “A Return To Love”.

Marianne is a heavy hitter, and her success as a spiritual teacher comes from her breadth of knowledge and ability to articulate complex ideas simply. This combination of a highly articulate political thinker and badass Texan preacher makes her a powerhouse to contend with.

A true Texan, Marianne does not hold back from addressing difficult topics. We tackle everything from the crimes of institutionalized religions, to the “legalized bribery” of our political systems. From Ayahuasca to her thoughts on Donald Trump and even about her feelings on death, there’s nothing she steers clear of. Marianne’s also incredibly versed in a range of issues, including the recent history of American politics, the killing of Robert Kennedy and the invasion of Iraq.

At the time we filmed this interview, the Paris attacks had only just happened, and Marianne said some moving things about the need for atonement and forgiveness after such horrifying events.

Forgiveness is the Key

In her writings, she is known for her thoughts on forgiveness. But Marianne doesn’t just talk abstractly about it, she makes the best effort possible to actually live the wisdom of her messages. Forgiveness for Marianne is not just a pretty idea. It is the fundamental work of being human and she insists she is like everyone else, like you and me – reactive and easily hurt.

This is why I found Marianne incredibly inspiring because her ideas really resonated with me. She believes that we are going to have to evolve as individuals if we are going to rise to meet the challenges we face today in our current political climate. Meaning we have to communicate and have difficult conversations with each other. If we are not prepared to go to the hard places in ourselves and our relationships, then we are not ready to evolve. As Marianne, herself says, dialogue, communication and difficult conversations are exactly what the world needs right now, and they are exactly what starts the healing process.

What’s more is that she once held a ministry, and actually ran for Congress in the last election, a period which she says was the most exciting and humbling of her life.

I love talking with Marianne, she’s always extremely present with me and what she has to say is vitally important for the future of the free world.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Speaking at Harvard Divinity School, American citizenship, and the Paris Attack
  • Weapons of mass destruction, Iraq, and Hitler
  • Atonement, forgiveness, and illusions
  • Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, and Oprah
  • Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt, and growing up in Texas
  • Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, and Bernie Sanders
  • Running for Congress, Carl Jung, and enlightenment
  • Ayahuasca, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King


What is the relationship between Marrianne and London?
Is London a spiritual place? What kind of energy do you feel?
Spirituality is the path of the heart.
Honoring your incarnation. We are all assigned.
And we are all assigned to places.
It’s where your heart calls you to serve there.
My soul is in LA and a few other places.
There is a global consciousness and an awareness that is still growing. We need to be global citizens.
We can’t stay on just one continent.
We are all becoming less geocentric and that’s a good thing.
Travelling a lot. Is that because your message needs to be everywhere.
Speaking at Harvard Divinity School
American citizenship.
Paris attack 2015 and the attack of Syria by the US.
Weapons of mass destruction.
Dealing with Baghdad in Iraq.
American politics is only about treating the symptoms.
Integrated factors.
Taking on Hitler was obvious.
Love. We did not factor in genuine moral questioning.
How can US or UK atone?
Things change the moment you have a different conversation.
Nations can attone.
Time and space are illusions of consciousness.
Everytime two people agree on something.
All minds are joined. Shift in perception.
Paris attack and how Americans reacted?
Name what you are forgiving.
First issue is to forgive ourselves.
You can’t bring the light to the darkness. You have to bring the darkness to light.
Abraham Lincoln said that nations have to confess their sins and pray for forgiveness just like individuals do.
Beyond this veil of illusion. Love will have the final say here.
Children are being taught to hate.
Insanity exist. Gandhi said that the problem in the world is that humanity is not in the right mind.
They need to be spiritually quarantined.
Forgiveness is understanding that there is other levels here that the mortal eyes can see.
Franklin Roosevelt called the Nazi unworthy man not evil doers.
Are you a black belt in forgiveness? The goal is black belt.
What was it like growing up in Texas in the 50s.
Product of being from Texas.
How did you learn how to speak?
I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m a writer. I think of myself as a jazz philosopher.
It’s not off the cuff.
The talk at the Parliament of World Religion for the women plenary session.
Being real.
Religion and education should be a wakener.
Pope Francis is a global spiritual leader.
The Dalai Lama.
Called to the conversation at the intersection between spirituality and politics.
No plan will work unless we meditate.
Asking for a divine intercession when praying to change our consciousness so that we do change at a level of cause.
I always had a spiritual religious fervour.
The most important tool that we have for personal and global transformation.
Modernity is an assault to the mind.
We make mistakes when we are moving too fast.
Agreement in conversations.
The vortex of religion and politics.*
Running for congress.
A legalised system of corruption and bribery in the US.
Bernie Sanders
You are only a failure if you didn’t learn from the mistakes.
Donald Trump and his popularity.
Genuine shakti
Trump is an american character. He is oddly entertaining.
Miracle. A course in miracles. Shift in perception from fear to love. All minds are joined.
We are all connected. There is actually no place where you start and I stop.
Carl Jung on archetypes in the collective unconscious.
That’s why if I judge you I will be judged.
Enlightenment is a shift from body enlightenment to spirit enlightenment.
Practising what I preach.
Ayahuasca, psychedelic experiences and the war on drugs.
Bless more than blame. Letting us want what we want.
Natural intelligence of each cells
Respecting the desire. Desire as opposed to just appetite.
Today is a good day to die.
I feel like I have sung a song.
Failure to deal with the topic of death robs the second half of your life of its meaning.
Death is a blessing of part of human.
2020, Brian this is what I did in the last 5 years.
What was it like meeting Oprah.
Seeing things through the realness.
Seeing beyond the illusion.
Those who have achieved nothing has the same dreams as everyone else.
30 days of forgiveness. Pray for their happiness.
On a spiritual level, what you give away is what you get to keep.
Loving thought.
Downloading the undeletable file.
Higher awareness of our oneness.
The miracle you could have had is held in trust for you until you are ready to receive it.
Start receiving the miracles you have denied yourself.
Quote misattributed to Nelson Mandela. Return To Love.
Success Secrets.
Is there a mentor that was pivotal in your development?
What was it like when Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King died.
When you reach 50, you must say what you think otherwise your song stays with you.
Obama’s presidency and his campaign.
Advice to the 20 year old Marrianne.
Best advice you ever received?
Advice to the 20 year old.


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