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Marianne Williamson - Love America


Spiritual Lecturer, Activist & Politician

Many Americans struggle to reconcile their faith in God with the need for human compassion. However, for Marianne Williamson, the two are inextricably linked. She knows that God loves all people and that faith is for the benefit of everyone, no matter what their background may be.

Here at London Real, we sat down with Williamson to discuss faith, love, and hope. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman and the inspiration that she is to many.

Who Is Marianne Williamson?

Marianne Williamson, born in Houston, Texas in 1952, is an American above all else. However, she is also a spiritual being, a humanitarian, and a leader. Growing up, she learned a lot about religion and social justice at home, but she first became interested in humanitarian issues after hearing her rabbi speak up against the Vietnam war.

By 1973, she was a vocal protester against war and dropped out of college. However, it was at this point that she experienced her self-proclaimed ‘wasted year,’ which essentially consisted of ‘bad boys and good dope.’ This led her to spiral into a deep depression.

It was in 1975 that she would begin to get her life back on track.

Areas of Interest

In 1975, Williamson read Helen Schuchan’s A Course in Miracles. Though initially put off by its Christian terminology because she was Jewish, she later described the book as her ‘path out of hell.’ At this point, she had a series of visions that brought her closer to God. Additionally, she became interested in the notion of forgiveness and the need for it in the path to finding peace.

This became a central aspect of her teachings, which were inspired by the fact that ‘divine love is at the core of every human mind.’ People quickly became interested in someone who believed in a God that loved everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else.

It was Williamson’s belief in God as all-loving that led her to believe that the Democratic party’s beliefs in social justice. She believes that the US can get itself back on track to be a compassionate country that values human life over capitalistic profit.

Interview Highlights

In her interview with London Real, Marianne Williamson discusses the power of solitary contemplation and the things that she has realised from partaking in it. She discusses her feelings about America and the people there, why she believes in the nation, and what the American people must do to think deeply and take responsibility for what is going on there.

Because Williamson cares deeply for all human beings, she talks about her views on American capitalism and the harms that it is currently creating for the people. She also discusses the need for racial equality throughout the nation and prompts viewers to consider how they can think about these issues in a mature and effective way that spurs change.

If you are a religious or spiritual person, this interview may resonate with you because of Williamson’s deep spirituality. As someone who believes that God and spirituality play a role in both everyday life and issues of equality, she talks about how there is hope for the future because we all have better selves that we can appeal to.

If you’re interested in social justice, spirituality, and a woman who has become loved for her engagements with both, this is the interview for you.


00:00 | Trailer
03:25 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:34 Brian’s introduction
06:05 Marianne knows the importance of time spent in solitary contemplation within a busy life
07:26 America is in crisis
09:19 The new American story
14:23 Donald Trump’s presidential style
17:59 Media election coverage was irresponsible and social media is sucking the life force out of us
22:52 Her passionate belief in America and the wisdom of its people who need to engage in a conversation
30:39 The American people have to think deeply and take responsibility for what is happening in America
33:23 Worship of money was not what the American Dream was founded upon
38:28 Conversation on reparation needed for the never fully resolved racial issues in America’s deep south
48:56 Immigrants, originally the heart of America, now part of scapegoating by an authoritarian leader
50:49 Many parents have not grown up themselves and are not present with their children
54:35 There is revolution in consciousness happening today, it’s a dramatic time and a dramatic contest
58:52 Our survival on this planet is not guaranteed, but religious and spiritual traditions tell us love prevails
1:02:11 Our dark side, we know in our hearts that there is deep lovelessness that all of us are capable of
1:03:43 Why A Course in Miracles has remained central to her being and teaching
1:09:10 Marianne does not have a problem using the God word
1:16:46 Going up against big pharmaceutical companies or wealth asperity is a contest, not a battle
1:18:07 Marianne considers why people love her: why people go to her speaking engagements
1:23:31 Her daily practises that keep her focussed and engaged
1:27:47 Best and worst days of her life
1:28:06 What scares her
1:28:47 What we would be surprised to learn about Marianne
1:29:29 Phone call to the 20-year old Marianne
1:30:06 What previous experiences does she think prepared her for what she is now
1:31:46 Success secrets
1:32:19 Ten thousand years from now, will we be this completely evolved society
1:33:21 Advice she gives to the 20-year old as to what they need to do
1:35:50 Brian’s summing up.


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