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Watch > Episode > Michael Franzese - Mafia Democracy: Former Mafia Captain Michael Franzese on How Governments Became a Mob Racket

Michael Franzese - Mafia Democracy: Former Mafia Captain Michael Franzese on How Governments Became a Mob Racket


Former Caporegime of the NY Colombo Crime Family

I’m delighted to be joined here at London Real Studios by one of my favourite former guests and a man who has led a truly remarkable life. And the fact that he is even here to tell his tale of trials and tribulation, is in itself something of a miracle.

Michael Franzese is the former American mobster and caporegime of the feared Colombo crime family, turned motivational speaker, and author.

Having grown up as the son of notorious Underboss and mob enforcer John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, Michael’s formative years were spent surrounded by some of the most serious villains in the New York underworld.

“The Life” as it is often referred to, should have been Michael’s raison d’etre from an early age but in what seems a somewhat complicated departure, Michael was encouraged by his feared father to pursue a legitimate lifestyle, and make use of his studious mind and sharp wits.

However, when Sonny was indicted in federal court and sentenced to 50 years behind bars, Michael was catapulted into the underworld and all the baggage it brings.

Michael quickly found his feet and with a strong head for business and a relentless work ethic, avoided the traditional mob domains, instead masterminding some of the most daring and uncompromising scams on the edge of the legitimate business world, that saw him become one of the Mafia’s most successful earners since Al Capone.

In fact, so successful was Michael’s scheming, he was at one stage turning over close to $10 million a week and some years later the Fed even suggested this might have touched a billion dollars a year.

From auto dealerships and gambling rackets to a multi-billion dollar gasoline tax scam, Michael brought a level of ingenuity and insight that had rarely been seen in Mafia circles previously or in fact since. With this success came all the trappings, from a helicopter and private jet, to a portfolio of properties dotted across the most sought after hotspots in the States.

Of course we’ve all seen how this story ends in the movies, and life often does imitate art, as the FBI and the long arm of the law circled their prey, Michael became victim to that most obvious finale. As associates turned informers, Michael was indicted in New York and Florida in 1985. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and his world came crashing down.

In recent years, Michael’s life has truly come full circle, and with an understanding of the perils and pitfalls of life on the wrong side of the law, Michael now dedicates his time to warning and helping others.

It’s a huge privilege to have him on the show, not least because he’s the only high-ranking official of a major crime family to ever walk away from the Mafia without protective custody and live to tell the tale.

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  1. The rules of a mafia sit down
  2. This life destroyed our family
  3. I have the same instincts that I’ve always had
  4. My father did not stand up for me
  5. I had an entire agency after me
  6. Mafia as a business organisation
  7. Is the world a better place without the Mafia?
  8. Every young man should go to the military
  9. The Mafia Democracy
  10. The public sit down with Sammy The Bull
  11. The YouTube gangsters
  12. I didn’t want to wake up anymore
  13. Sometimes in life you’ve got to be broken
  14. Jesus is the greatest man that walked the face of the Earth
  15. Always be kind to the little people in the world
  16. The horror around drug use
  17. Stay on the right tack


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