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Lyn Alden - Bitcoin Dominance, The Lightning Network & Investing vs Inflation


Investment Strategist

I’m absolutely delighted to finally welcome today’s guest, Lyn Alden, to London Real. A former engineer, Lyn is a prolific writer and a much sought after investment strategist who approaches new innovation from an economic perspective, with laser sharp attention to macro developments enveloping our mainstream financial infrastructure.

Born into truly humble beginnings, Lyn has achieved so much in her life to date. As a child, she spent a period homeless, moving from shelters to cheap motels, life was not easy and a burgeoning respect for the value of money was starting to emerge.

Lyn made her way to college, and secured a degree in electrical engineering and later a masters in engineering management. From there she spent ten years working in the aviation industry at the William J. Hughes Technical Centre, working her way up from an intern to Electronics Engineer where she designed and constructed electronic and electrical systems for high-fidelity aircraft simulators. After which Lyn became the Technical Lead and was responsible for running the day-to-day operations and finances of the facility.

Remarkably Lyn managed to retire early at the age of 33, with the comforting blanket of financial independence. Of course, Lyn was incredibly skilled in her area of expertise, but it was an understanding of wealth creation, the value of money and how to make it work for you that enabled her freedom.

Lyn is now, thanks to many years of research, analysis and investigation, one of the finest investment strategists around. Each month she provides a detailed newsletter to a legion of followers, breaking down strategies, creating investment ideas and offering tutorials while filtering out the unnecessary noise.

Her website is a treasure trove of financial information, that includes a relatively recent and bullish belief in Bitcoin. Lyn first wrote about Bitcoin in 2017 but only in 2020 did that become a tangible investment. Since then her confidence in Bitcoin has grown and continues to do so. After all, Bitcoin remains a huge investment opportunity.

It is also a reflection of the remarkable times in which we now live. Inflation is the watchword of the here and now, but, according to Lyn it may dominate our outlook for the next decade. There’s the energy crisis engulfing Europe and beyond, while supply chains have reached an impasse and dare we say it – hyperinflation looms large like a foreboding shadow.

If ever there was a time to take stock, make informed decisions and invest for the future it is now! And yes, despite the doomsday scenarios playing out in the mainstream media, there are huge opportunities in our midst.

And that’s exactly why I have created the DeFi Academy. You see DeFi is already revolutionising the concept of finance for millions of ordinary citizens across the planet.

This process will create what I am calling ‘The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History’, leading to countless chances to create huge financial gains through innovative and value-added Decentralised Financial services, whilst simultaneously ensuring that those who are deprived of access to financial services finally get the opportunity they deserve.

My team and I are going “all in” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace. There’s an opportunity for you to join us on this journey, so be sure you don’t miss out.

That’s exactly why we are so pleased to have Lyn Alden join us on London Real. Lyn is articulate, incredibly well informed, and passionate about helping others make sound investment choices. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Time’s Money Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and on, CNBC, US News and World Report among a host of other platforms.

So, if you share that passion to create wealth and prosperity be sure to tune in and share this knowledge with all your family and friends.

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  1. The basics of investing
  2. Retiring in my mid 30s
  3. There’s a giant disconnect between inflation and rates
  4. Kids learn more about finance from video games
  5. Is deflation a good or bad thing?
  6. There’s too much debt in our economy
  7. Debt cycles 101
  8. Bitcoin is the only true descentralised coin
  9. You never fully understand Bitcoin
  10. How much of your net worth should be in Bitcoin?
  11. Is it really Bitcoin or nothing?
  12. Bitcoin’s 4 year bull runs
  13. Should ETH be in your portfolio?
  14. The Lightning Network
  15. Are we in an NFT bubble?
  16. Being homeless as a child
  17. How martial arts helps in other areas of life
  18. Be open minded but also sceptical


00:00 | Trailer.
02:48 | Brian’s introduction.
03:42 | The basic knowledge about investing and avoiding mistakes.
08:36 | Bill Gates said, “People overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what they can do in ten years.” How was Lyn Alden able to retire in her 30s?
10:29 | How to understand what inflation is and its effect and people’s reaction to seeing this happen.
17:11 | How people can start to get out of inflationary loss by investing.
21:18 | Does Lyn agree with Jeff Booth about how this inflationary period will play out?
26:53 | Is the central banking system wrong?
33:42 | Her thoughts on long term debt cycles.
38:56 | Lyn’s prediction for the next ten years. Will Bitcoin save humanity?
43:38 | What her learning curve was before deciding to purchase Bitcoin.
49:16 | Owning a little bit of cryptocurrency is the best way to learn.
52:35 | What is the correct percentage of cryptocurrency to hold if it is not zero?
56:16 | Max Keiser is a Bitcoin maximalist – what does Lyn think about other cryptocurrencies as an investor?
1:03:28 | Why Ethereum and Solana are the only other protocols she keeps track of for investment advice.
1:09:08 | What percentage of your portfolio should be in Ethereum?
1:12:44 | The state of the Lightning Network.
1:20:53 | Lyn Alden’s thoughts on NFTs and gaming.
1:28:01 | Why Lyn Alden is so respected by the community.
1:30:12 | How her early life experience has influenced her style of financial investment advice.
1:33:20 | Her mixed martial arts experience.
1:35:12 | What has she learned about herself in a fight?
1:39:23 | Lyn Alden’s final thoughts and how to find out more about her.
1:40:57 | Is this the wildest time for hype and bubbles and could there be long term value in the meme coins?
1:43:15 | Brian’s summing up.


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