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Liv Boeree - Million Dollar Girl


Liv Boeree is a woman who dominates in a man’s game. With a degree in physics and astrophysics Liv’s mind is perfectly programmed for the high stakes and big risks of modern poker. I was amazed to hear how poker has evolved over the last 20 years. Your typical idea of poker is probably like mine – a seedy room somewhere with a bunch of guys psyching each other out. But the way Liv plays it, poker is in fact a high performance activity. Not only do you need to be attuned to people in order to read how they play, you also need a wealth of theoretical knowledge and aptitude. It’s not just about body language. There are so many factors that determine the style of player you will be up against, and I was surprised to hear how adaptable you have to be even within one game. There are archetypes, but Liv says a good poker player takes nothing for granted, and keeps her mind open. People are complex, and that means the game will be too. And then of course, there is lady luck. Even on her best days, Liv says the real challenge of poker is the level of variables you have to contend with. Just being badass is not enough. Things either go your way, or they don’t. Inevitably, we tackle the problem of women in the game, which is still only around the 5% mark. Liv believes the reason is not simple. She doesn’t do broad statements or reduce problems to easy one liners. Having said that, she has no truck with the kinds of people who like to claim women don’t have the right brains for poker! Not only does poker require having a psychological advantage over others, you need to be a master of your own headspace too. Self-sabotage is something that is very common. Liv describes a situation in Montreal where she found herself doing something she knew was wrong, but she didn’t stop herself. However, Liv also tells me of an opposite situation at a tournament in Barbados, where she played the tournament feeling like she was floating on clouds. This battle with luck is fascinating. There are always unknowns, but at the same time, Liv knows that serious preparation brings the results. As a beautiful, intelligent woman with a high profile, Liv has not shied away from her sexuality, and is no stranger to a photo shoot. She opens up about how fine a line it is for a woman in her situation, and where she believes that line must be drawn. Liv Boeree is a super-intelligent, super-successful woman in poker, but there is so much more to her than that. With a background in science, and a career in show business, this was always going to be a surprising conversation.


0:07:46 | Liv Boeree introduction.
0:08:00 | Dan Bilzerian lifestyle.
0:11:00 | Being a profitable poker player lifetime.
0:11:45 | Is poker a mathematics game. Poker mathematics. Poker analysis. Post game analysis.
0:12:30 | Reading a poker player.
0:14:00 | To be a good poker player you’ve got to do the analysis and the theory work.
0:14:30 | Becoming complacent. Average standard of poker players have gone up.
0:15:30 | Internet has improved the standards of poker. Poker forums.
0:16:05 | Tony Hsieh, playing Poker is not playing against the casino.
0:17:30 | Pigeonholing someone.
0:18:00 | How good are you at noticing people’s behaviour?
0:19:00 | Being like Bradley Cooper and being in flow states.
0:19:35 | When you are in the flow state, does that mean you are going to win that day?
0:19:59 | Variance or luck in poker.
0:21:00 | Overestimating the skill level or underestimating the level of variance.
0:22:00 | Bank roll. If in doubt be more conservative.
0:23:14 | What is a typical bankroll in a typical game for you?
0:24:00 | Poker Stars
0:25:45 | Where are the rest of the women on the Poker table?
0:26:50 | The female brain is not cut out for Poker.
0:27:20 | How did you learn Poker?
0:28:40 | Being a women is a Poker tournament.
0:30:50 | The 3 ways man react to women in Poker.
0:31:45 | Sunglasses and the hoodie.
0:32:40 | Hiding the eyes because it gives them a sense of security.
0:33:40 | The golden balls clip on youtube.
0:34:58 | A classic prisoner’s dilemma. Game theory.
0:37:35 | Did you feel bad selling the guy to the fish?
0:38:30 | My biggest advantage is my experience.
0:39:40 | Sponsored by Poker Stars.
0:40:30 | Do you ever see people go bust and never hear them again?
0:41:10 | Stuffing bills into strippers.
0:41:50 | What’s it like a day in the life of a professional poker player.
0:42:07 | Poker is an excuse to travel and explore the world.
0:44:21 | Questioning why I’m there?
0:44:40 | Not being present.
0:46:30 | How many tournaments would you play in a year?
0:47:26 | Poker theory and new tricks to try out.
0:47:40 | Flow states.
0:48:30 | Meditation? Diet? Training?
0:49:23 | Being in Bahamas and doing Yoga.
0:50:30 | Stretched out flow states.
0:51:30 | It’s never too late to change your mind.
0:55:05 | Sabotaging yourself. Shocked and amused.
0:56:25 | How does a women use her body and her sexuality in a right way or a wrong way?
0:58:24 | Capitalising on attractiveness.
0:59:10 | There is no hard and fast rule.
1:00:50 | Burning man.
1:01:30 | Going through a shift in myself in 2014.
1:02:30 | Giving.
1:03:50 | Having a breakthrough in Burning Man, sitting down cutting tomatoes for 4 hours.
1:05:30 | Getting the true value of giving and being selfless.
1:06:10 | What did you bring back from Burning Man.
1:07:10 | It’s a certain type of person that goes to Burning Man. No, its a certain type of person that comes away from Burning Man.
1:08:10 | Political views tie in on a spectrum as well.
1:08:30 | Growing up my views were more conservative.
1:09:20 | Are poker players are more capitalist?
1:10:30 | Poker players shy away from commitment and routine.
1:11:00 | Fundraising organisation built upon effective altruism.
1:12:03 | Measuring effectiveness of reducing suffering.
1:13:10 | Are you giving away your own money?
1:14:18 | I think poker players can help us generate a lot of money for charity, help me do it.
1:16:00 | Is gambling an addiction?
1:18:00 | There needs to be a support system for those category of people.
1:18:50 | Success secrets
1:19:45 | What are the lines of your obituary.
1:20:50 | Advice for the 20 year old Liv Boeree.
1:22:35 | Best advice you ever received.
1:24:35 | Advice for people who want to be a poker star like Liv Boeree.


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