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Watch > Episode > Lawrence Krauss - The Science Of The Unknown: Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe

Lawrence Krauss - The Science Of The Unknown: Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe


Theoretical Physicist & Cosmologist

It was Stephen Hawking who once said that since the dawn of civilisation, we humans have craved an understanding of the underlying order of the world, to know why we are here and where we came from.

How did our Universe begin, if it even had a beginning? How big is it? Are we alone?

Today’s guest is making a long awaited return to London Real studios, and has spent more time than most of us, pondering these very questions. Lawrence Krauss is the world-renowned theoretical physicist, commentator, and bestselling author, whose name is synonymous with intellectual prowess, scientific innovation, and a passionate commitment to the public understanding of science.

Lawrence’s formative years were spent in Toronto, Canada, before his academic pursuits led him to Carleton University, earning undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Physics, that set the stage for his future scientific endeavours. He moved on to the prestigious MIT, to collect his Ph.D. in Physics in 1982.

From here, Lawrence joined the Harvard Society of Fellows from 1982 to 1985, establishing his presence in the academic world. Today, Lawrence is President of The Origins Project Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation that aims to continue the mission of inspiring the wonder and excitement of knowledge, inquiry and creativity in new forums for the public.

He is also the host of The Origins Podcast, where he speaks with some of the most informed and influential people from the world of science, the arts, politics, and journalism.

However, it is through his investigations into the fundamental questions about the Universe and his strong held desire to greatly enhance public understanding of these often daunting topics that he has become best known,

Lawrence has written over 500 publications on physics and astronomy, receiving numerous awards for his research and alongside this, has published 10 critically acclaimed books, including the New York Times Best Sellers – ‘The Physics of Star Trek’ and ‘A Universe from Nothing’.

One of his most significant scientific contributions came in 1995 when he proposed that a substantial portion of the universe’s energy resided in empty space. This groundbreaking prediction was validated in 1999 by two teams of astronomers, ultimately earning the Nobel Prize in 2011.

Lawrence’s latest book, The Known Unknowns: The Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos explores cosmology’s greatest unanswered questions.

“Three of the most important words in science are ‘I don’t know’. Not knowing implies a universe of opportunities – the possibility of discovery and surprise.”

It is a fascinating read, and a remarkable accomplishment, for its sheer detail and accessibility. Lawrence takes a deep dive into the topics and questions that we have long craved answers to. The mysteries beyond the threshold of the unknown.

It’s been a short while since I last sat down for a conversation with Lawrence, and to say things have changed quite a bit in this world of ours, would be something of an understatement. From the enormous strides in technology and the booming growth of artificial intelligence to lockdowns and global discourse around scientific truth.

Lawrence is a luminary in the world of theoretical physics, an ambassador of scientific knowledge, and a pioneer in making science accessible to the masses, and I always in joy these fascinating conversations that provide so much food for thought and hopefully some answers to those questions that keeps us awake until the early hours.

“Most people crave certainty, even though that certainty is often an illusion. While science may not satisfy that need, it replaces it with something better, a path toward knowledge.”

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  6. The risk and pitfalls of excessive wokeness
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  8. Is time travel possible?
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  11. How did life originate?
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  13. What is consciousness?
  14. Not being safe is what it is all about in science
  15. The future could be wonderful or awful and it’s up to us
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