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Killing Kittens - Elite Casual Sex


Emma Sayle explains how she founded Killing Kittens as a place for elite casual dating, why Alpha Males have the biggest problems with her feminocentric sex parties, how her business doubled in the recession of 2008, why all women are bi-curious, and how she was unimpressed with the book “50 Shades of Grey.”


“It was more the whole female sexual revolution of we can talk about sex and we are entitled to an orgasm as much as men are.” – Emma (06:41)

“We had a massive up and doubled our membership when the recession hit.” – Emma (07:13)

“In wartorn countries or warzones, sex goes up. It gets very hedonistic.” – Emma (08:37)

“Every girl I know is bi-curious, they might say ‘Bollocks we’re not’ but they are.” – Emma (10:21)

“It’s always an Alpha Male who can’t handle it because they’re used to being in control.” – Emma (11:38)

“I used to think of myself as a reasonably sexual liberated guy but I wasn’t at a point where I could process it.” – Nic (14:13)

“Eyes Wide Shut is very objectifying to women, it’s very much the men are in control and the women are being shagged.” – Emma (15:18)

“The only people that have a problem with the parties are Alpha males, and I’m talking outside of the parties.” – Emma (18:11)

“These are the most secure, in-love couples I’ve ever come across.” – Emma (18:34)

“You said most women are bi-curious but do you think most men are too?” – Brian (22:07)

“Women look good naked but men don’t look good naked.” – Emma (23:17)

“Talk to me about the book “50 Shades of Grey.” “50 Shades of Shite.” – Brian & Emma (26:11)

“It’s business and somebody has to keep their knickers on.” – Emma (37:28)
“Do you ever look down at your schedule and think, ‘Oh not another orgy?'” – Emma (41:06)


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