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Watch > Episode > Kaz Aston - Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

Kaz Aston - Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis


Kaz Aston is a multiple sclerosis campaigner and fund raiser from Berkshire, England.


00:00 | Trailer
01:44 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:17 Brian’s Introduction
06:03 Receiving the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
07:08 Kaz’ reaction to the diagnosis
08:55 All-consuming information search or living a positive lifestyle
10:48 What MS is and the different ways it affects people
12:56 Is it life threatening
13:27 How Kaz was affected and how she has learned to manage the effects
15:30 A relatively new disease with many treatment options and continuing research
16:29 Changes in life-style and diet can improve how the body reacts
17:17 Children amongst the 110,000 people affected in the UK
17:54 How good is the UK in treatment, support for and awareness of the sick and disabled
20:00 Fighting the corner against UK Government’s initial proposed changes to disabled policy
23:23 Becoming involved in drag racing, the fastest motor racing on earth and loving it
27:30 Don’t let MS stop you from doing anything
28:14 What can people without MS learn from Kaz’ philosophy of life
29:24 Relating her philosophy to other life affecting illnesses and how Government can help
31:11 How Kaz moved from nursing to charity fundraising, and into media and PR
32:49 Having a strong work ethic and drive but learning to adapt that for positive outcomes
34:13 Learning the skills to manage the loneliness of working on your own
35:53 The key to successful Public Relations using Twitter and YouTube
39:14 What the Rotary Club is and Rotarians do
42:24 Fostering a charitable ethic by helping people understand the need
43:54 The drive to eradicate polio worldwide
46:34 Exciting times with new treatment opportunities and work towards finding a cure for MS
48:39 Angelina Jolie’s management of her health issues and her charitable work
50:25 Everyone ages, bringing a need to adapt, so should we all learn to make lifestyle choices now
51:48 The motivation for continuing to learn and take on new challenges
53:27 How we can all learn to deal with stress and exhaustion levels
56:03 Monarchy Online a website to fulfil a need for people to learn about the Monarchy
1:04:14 Success secrets
1:04:54 Are millennials self-absorbed, social media animals, privileged, and entitled
1:05:45 Kaz’ next big challenge
1:08:19 Telephone call to the initially diagnosed Kaz
1:09:30 Best advice ever received
1:11:27 Advice to young people who want to be like Kaz
1:14:13 Brian’s summing up.


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