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Watch > Episode > Karnika E. Yashwant - WordPress For Web3: How Forward Protocol Is Connecting Blockchain With A Value-Driven Economy

Karnika E. Yashwant - WordPress For Web3: How Forward Protocol Is Connecting Blockchain With A Value-Driven Economy


Co-Founder at Forward Protocol

“I always say, the world we live in is far from perfect. However, there is no higher cause worth pursuing than its betterment.”

On today’s livestream we have the pleasure of welcoming Karnika E. Yashwant, aka Mr. KEY, a serial entrepreneur, author, education reformer, thought leader, public speaker and true luminary in the blockchain space.

Karnika is a man who took the road less travelled rather than the well beaten path, a journey marked by innovation, resilience, and a commitment to social impact. His story tells a compelling narrative of a young entrepreneur who defied the norms to leave an indelible mark.

As a 14 year old boy, when most his age were preoccupied with the typical teenage distractions, Karnika had started his first company. In 2010 he etched his name in history becoming India’s Youngest CEO, and a testament to his unparalleled drive and vision.

In the years since passed, Karnika has led several businesses to surpass billion-dollar revenue milestones. And, as the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Key Difference Media, a world leading Web3 incubator and marketing partner, alongside his most recent venture Forward Protocol, Karnika shows no signs of letting up.

Karnika’s deep dive into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency commenced in 2013, and since then, he has been on something of a one man mission, not only to change perceptions but really educate the world about the transformative potential of decentralised technologies.

For Karnika, the message is clear: blockchain shifts the power dynamic away from centralised authorities and distributes it across a network of participants, ensuring that decisions are made collectively, rather than being dictated from the top down.

He wants people to understand that through mechanisms such as token economies and smart contracts, individuals can gain a stake in the systems they engage with and have a sense of ownership, ensuring that even those with limited resources can participate.

As the co-founder of Forward Protocol, hailed as the “WordPress for Web3,” Karnika is at the forefront of developing toolkits that simplify blockchain adoption.

His commitment to revolutionising every facet of our lives through blockchain underscores his belief in decentralisation, equitable wealth distribution, and individual empowerment.

“Blockchain is a space where everyone can enjoy the same benefits, where borders are blurred, and anyone can join the game.”

Forward Protocol is a no-code, cost-effective tool to create blockchains, subnets, and dApps, with drag and drop technology, fully customizable templates, and a growing library of options. As Karnika enthuses, no technical knowledge is required to set up basic infrastructure.

“You can create anything from simple dApps to enterprise-level blockchains.”

I’m delighted to have Karnika joining me in the studio, not least because Forward Protocol is our most recent investment at London Real Ventures. Karnika is much more than your typical Web3 entrepreneur, he’s a teacher, life coach, role model and mentor, who has the energy of ten men.

His incredibly positive worldview, alongside a knack for explaining complex ideas around FinTech, DeFi, and Web3 adoption in simplified terms, make this an episode I recommend all of you tune into. There’s so much happening right now – do yourself a favour and don’t get left behind.

“Blockchain is a philosophy that goes beyond mere code and algorithms. It’s a guiding principle. It champions decentralisation, equitable wealth distribution, and the empowerment of individuals.”

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