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Watch > Episode > Kain Warwick - Crypto Derivatives Are The Future of DeFi & The Blockchain

Kain Warwick - Crypto Derivatives Are The Future of DeFi & The Blockchain


Founder of Synthetix

Today’s guest is considered an OG in the world of DeFi and Blockchain Finance and is a true veteran of the space, having been instrumental in spreading the word of the financial revolution that is taking place, whilst simultaneously helping to build the infrastructure that services it.

Kain Warwick is an entrepreneur, blockchain developer, author, investor and all round crypto enthusiast, and is the founder of Synthetix, a decentralised synthetic asset platform that supports multiple fiat currencies and commodities.

Kain has been in and around crypto since 2014 when founded the payment gateway Blueshyft, helping to successfully onboard Australian exchanges to what was the world’s first over-the-counter cryptocurrency solution.

This early exposure to cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin in particular through his work at Blueshyft, led Kain to begin looking at other Blockchain Finance solutions, specifically Ethereum, realising quickly that this represented a shift in the future of financial infrastructures.

Kain formed the opinion that cryptocurrency and Decentralised Finance can create a new type of stability throughout the financial world and beyond, solving problems that oftentimes feel embedded in the current systems and practices, while creating opportunity and a more inclusive sector for everyone.

The power of DeFi lies in its ability to create a new set of rules and the intrinsic upgradeability of cryptocurrency and the systems it provides is what has some many evangelists like Kain excited for the future.

Synthetix, formerly Havven, is a new financial primitive that enables the creation of synthetic assets, offering unique derivatives and exposure to real-world assets on the Blockchain. It is, to all intents and purposes, a software-based solution that allows users to mint new crypto assets that mimic both real-world assets such as the U.S. dollar or crypto assets like Bitcoin.

This happens through code alone, and without the need for a financial intermediary. In simple terms, it is a collection of smart contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain. This means Synthetix users do not need to trust a particular institution or person to manage the crypto assets they create. They need only to trust that its code will execute as written.

This is just another example of how Decentralised Finance is changing the world around us, and I for one can’t wait to take a deep dive with Kain into the inner workings of Synthetix, the SNX token and, in particular his bullish belief in Ethereum and how 2022 could be the year that sees this much vaunted Blockchain solution fulfil its long awaited potential.

It’s still early days in the space, something I constantly remind people of, but that is exactly why now is the ideal time to get yourself acquainted with how the world is changing and what the future financial infrastructure looks like.

It is for exactly that reason that I am so passionate about helping and educating the next billion people to get informed about the opportunities in crypto and DeFi and play their part in the Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

My team and I are going “ALL IN” on this groundbreaking technology and infrastructure which is why we plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, broadcasting, understanding, educating, investing in, profiting from, and TRANSFORMING this incredible new marketplace.

Ultimately this is about freedom. The freedom to make your own financial choices without having to be regulated, taxed, and fleeced by banks, governments and middlemen.

This is about having your right to privacy and ownership of your financial information. This is about having your right to the best prices, best options and best innovative solutions for your financial planning.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, create lasting change in your life and be among the first wave of people to invest and profit from this emerging industry then head on over to and sign up to join my Crypto & DeFi Academy.

In the meantime, tune into today’s episode and gain greater clarity from one of the true thought leaders in the cryptosphere. Kain Warwick is a big thinker, who understands the nuances of DeFi and exactly how this will reshape not only perceptions and practices but also the opportunities and experience of people from every corner of the globe.

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  1. Transitioning to a DAO mindset
  2. Traditional governance and DAOs
  3. Politics, crypto and voting
  4. I would run a pro-crypto mayoral campaign now
  5. Can corporate governance be replaced by crypto governance?
  6. DeFi state of the union
  7. Are you an Ethereum maximalist?
  8. Legacy fintech will transition to crypto
  9. Synthetic products on blockchain
  10. DeFi oracles Synthetix and Chainlink
  11. Hedging exposure with futures
  12. When will institutions get involved?
  13. Evaluating protocols as an angel investor
  14. I wanted Kieran to go back into DeFi
  15. Here’s the problem with A.I.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:34 | Brian’s introduction.
03:27 | What it was like for Synthetix transitioning from a Foundation to a DAO and how other companies should embrace this.
05:54 | Does it still need a single person and a vision to actually start something, or has that also changed?
07:14 | What the early years taught Kain about funding and how other companies can make the transition from funding the foundation to directly into a DAO?
09:34 | Definitions of a Foundation and a DAO and their differences.
11:57 | Does Kain ever compare politics and voting to a DAO and governance and see things he would like to avoid?
17:24 | Advice to other companies looking to transfer.
21:53 | How the transition affected Kain Warwick’s role.
23:37 | What type of expression of vision and campaigning is required before elections?
32:08 | Does proper DeFi have to come from a DAO?
35:07 | Is this his next project to create one size fits all governance?
37:38 | What is the state of the union of DeFi now?
42:08 | Kain Warwick is an Ethereum maximalist.
44:32 | Will there be ETH staking by 2023?
45:53 | What has Kain Warwick learned from the Layer Ones?
47:34 | Will there ever be bridging solutions from Avax, to Ethereum, to Solana?
50:23 | The speed of change from 2018 to 2022.
52:46 | What Kain Warwick’s initial vision was for Synthetix and an explanation of what Synthetix is.
59:58 | Why has Kain’s token been up and in the news recently?
1:01:04 | Is Synthetix in the 3.0 world acting like the CFTC?
1:04:57 | What happened when they created Oracle and why they now work with Chainlink.
1:07:12 | The futures contract Synthetix has just launched and the derivatives Kain Warwick sees coming forward.
1:08:22 | Kain explains what a perpetual future is.
1:10:30 | How to experience Synthetix,
1:12:35 | When will institutions get involved in DeFi?
1:15:42 | Kain’s thoughts on the future of regulation.
1:17:50 | As an angel investor, how does Kain Warwick evaluate protocols and have they changed over the past few years.
1:20:46 | Kain’s thoughts on what his brother Kieran Warwick has been building with Illuvium.
1:23:20 | The startup scene in Australia.
1:27:07 | Kain Warwick’s book Bending Metal about AI in the future.
1:30:47 | Where does Kain see himself in five years from now?
1:33:13 | Final thoughts from Kain Warwick.
1:34:25 | Brian’s summing up.


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